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No Smoking Day
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Come join us, you know you want to!!!!!!!

Summer is indeed on the way, well I like to think so. A glass or two of wine, nice smelling roses, keeps me strong in the belief, that with a little help, if you want to quit, then you can, it's true you can.

Your reading this because, your curious, about quitting that Nasty nicotine drug.

But I can say, it's the best thing you will ever do, even better news, if others can quit, you can to.

Soooooo come join us, every thing to gain, and absolutely nothing to loose.

Better health.

Smelling nice.

Just so many reasons, to try and quit.

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Great post Tracey - hope that you had a good weekend


The support here is great......

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Wow Tracey...After conquering the path to the corner shop you gained a lot of self confidence in this quit thing... Another success story... Thank you Tracey... and yes spring roses smells so nice after we could not smell them for so many years...and I am sure you have found them in the opposite direction as to the corner shop...!!!

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