Plant that seed.....

Plant that seed.....

and come join our family tree of quitters! YOU CAN DO IT!

As the end of 2016 is fast approaching - plant that seed NOW by making the best decision of your life to quit smoking - it will be the one thing you will never ever regret doing and can only reap never ending list of benefits - health, happiness and a better living life - who doesn't want that? Make 2017 the best year ever!

I quit over 15 months ago and never looked back. If you are reading this post and have not yet quit, then the seed is planted and you want to quit so..

Set your date, read up on quitting and addiction and join us here - we all started off at the same stage and will be here to help you along

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  • Thanks for that Roisin01! I am having such a hard time.... why does this happen out of nowhere? I have been doing fine since my last SOS but this week is brutal😔 I haven't caved but oh boy if I was near a store.....

  • Christmas time is a real test for us quitters nadavat - well done and hang in there, you CAN do this :)

  • My quit date is Jan 3rd & I have started on Champix.

    As a smoker for 40 yrs & carer for my BI husband, it's gonna be tough & I will need all the support I can get

  • Welcome dillyd - you have come to the right place and will get huge support and help here - read up as much as you can. We look forward to seeing your Day 1 post on 03 January :)

  • How are you getting on dillyd

  • 20 hrs smoke free so far!.

    Doing deep breathing during the cravings & keeping busy. Reading up on the positives.

    Thanks for asking, have a feeling I will need some help!,,,,,,,

  • Ah well done dillyd deep breathing is excellent to help with cravings and ice cold water with lemon or whatever fruit you like - there is nothing only positives giving up, no regrets :) Post anytime especially if struggling, it really does help - don't think I would be heading into my 16 month smoke free if it weren't for here and the support.... your badge is on its way!

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