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day 11 and counting and struggling a bit... at home

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xinyi1 Month Smoke Free

Hi everyone,

Chanced upon this group when I was looking for some help and the different posts have been great. Thank you all.

So after a decade of smoking, I decided to quit. Mainly because I was going for knee surgery and couldn't smoke in the hospital, so figured I'd try and see if I can quit. Back home now and mainly confined to the couch as I recover (so no chances to run off and get a pack), and it's been going better than I had expected.

I do get the occasional strong urges or just really missing having a cigarette. Any advice how to cope with this? Considering I'm pretty much stuck on the couch.

Thanks in advance for the help x

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Welcome to our community xinyi and congratulations and also wish you a full and speedy recovery. You really are doing remarkably well considering being confided to couch, huge well done!.

I would suggest to continue reading up as much as you can posts here from different members and the pinned posts across the way if not already done, deep breathing, lots of water. I prefer ice cold with lemon, cucumber and mint in a juicer bottle which gives a great refreshing taste and was my savior when I quit and got me over many a cravings! I am 16 months quit cold turkey and never looked back but it did have its bumps along the way. You appear to be very strong....

How long to you think you will be off your feet for - maybe plan a new hobby for when you get back on your feet - and one the big bonuses of quitting is the money we save so what about looking into a holiday?

Wishing you continued strength and your next update on how you are getting on :)

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xinyi1 Month Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Thanks for the warm welcome and encouragement Roisin :) This community's great!

The water idea sounds delicious, I'll try those. Especially since I got too many lemons in the fridge at the moment, hah.

Hoping to be able to move more comfortably in a week or two, though probably still with the crutches. And thanks for the tip about having something to look forward to :)

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NozmoValued Contributor

Hello xinyi,

If you're anything like me just having to sit around all day will be driving you mad and making the cravings worse. Are you usually pretty active? If so is there no way you can get to a gym and exercise the upper body...arm bike etc?

Also, how are you quitting - cold turkey? I used an ecig so it was easier to deal with cravings as I would have a puff on that. We all use different strategies, just trying to get more of an understanding of your circumstances.

You have my sympathy!

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xinyi1 Month Smoke Free in reply to Nozmo

Thanks for the sympathy Nozmo :)

Right now, I can't even lift my leg so can't really move around or sit on a chair comfortably.. but woke up today feeling a lot stronger, so hopefully I'll be able to go to the gym and try it out. I got 1 below where I live, so not too far to go to. Thanks for the tip!

I did those nicotine gum for the first few days and have been slowly reducing them and am at the point where I don't really need them. Had 1 yesterday and I was surprised how bad it tasted haha. Ecigs are unfortunately technically not legal where I'm from >< Think the lack of any work stress and all is helping me not smoke. Smoked way too much because of work-related situations.

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NozmoValued Contributor in reply to xinyi

I hope it's going alright for you today xinyi, hope the knee is feeling better and the cravings are staying away.

I would stick with the nicotine gum for a while and always have some handy in case a REALLY big craving hits. You can think about coming off it when you're further down the line. Coming off NRT is not the same as coming off cigarettes in my experience. I found it quite easy to reduce the nicotine in my ecig and then eventually leave it. I think the thought of finally giving up your NRT is worse than actually doing it but I also think it's wise not to try to come of it too quickly. That's just my opinion, others may disagree.

I tend to forget that ecigs are not allowed in other countries! Sorry about that.

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xinyi1 Month Smoke Free in reply to Nozmo

Doing pretty good and knee seems to be getting stronger :)

Hm good tips.. Didn't think about keeping them close by in case of an "emergency". Thank you! Haha and I think I agree that the thought of giving it up is worse than actually doing it... Good insight there!

Nah no apologies needed! Silly little thing anyway

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Moll552 Years Smoke Free in reply to Nozmo

I'm using e cig off cigs. 5 days now worried will I get hooked. On e cig

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