Another round of antibiotics

Hello for the past 5 days I felt I was getting a cold just keep thinking that this is due to my stopped smoking...went to doctors since I wasn't getting any I'm on antibiotics and I can't believe the doctor said well you smoke a long time you could be sick for along time.......I had bronchitis back in March when I first quit........trying to stay positive 

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  • There are quite a lot of colds going round at the moment. Hope you feel better soon

  • Thanks Fordy 

  • Ah Lucy1255 , don't loose faith, I had 3 chest infections since I quit 8 months ago, I know its not pleasant but I kept thinking of it as my body healing and a good thing.

    I promise, you will soon be back to feeling some sort of normality of a non smoker, just hang in there and remember the body is a great healer, we just need patience, wishing you a speedy recovery and positive vibes :)

  • Thanks Roisin not having to much patience of late........but I really do feel strong with my quit yes I agree this is the healing process it so beautiful outside and I'm in a blanket ughhhhh. 

  • Lucy1255 stick with this, and you will not regret it. Everybody is different and our bodies heal different.

    I cannot put in to words how good I feel now, how comfortable i am in my quit.

    I'm now working on my fitness level, which I have none at the moment lol! But I'm working on it and I feel amazing for it.

    One thing I have learnt about quitting the cigs, no matter how easy or hard someone's quit is. Weather you coughed up stuff or didn't, weather you had a cold on and off for months, weather you suffer from anxiety, depression, insomnia or all of the above ;)

    If you keep going eventually this will all pass. When you come through that tunnel and out the other side you will wonder 'why did it take you so long to stop'!

  • Thank you for those inspiring words yes I will do this

  • What a charming doctor you have Lucy!

    One thing's for sure - you will recover a lot quicker now that you're smoke free. You'll still be cleaning all of the rubbish out of your lungs so things like this are bound to come along. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Yes hoping im clearing my lungs ever day.........the cough is making me crazy I have tried honey......still I feel like cotton in my mouth now I'm complaining sorry......

  • No need to apologise Lucy. We all worry and complain about things! Let us know how it's going with this.

  • Non-smokers get sick too.  It's easy to blame everything on our quit but it may have nothing to do with it.  That said, it's fairly common for quitters to get cold and flu symptoms.  Hope you feel better soon!

  • Yes I agree, but I also think people love to say it had to do with smoking,......I have family and friends that smoke and never even we never know thanks miscy.....

  • Hello,  it's just horrid when you get one of those gps, I've had 3 lots of antibiotics in the last 2 months, so please try not to worry.

    You doing wonderful, and I know it's not of any use, but I wonder if gps also have bad  days. I,m sure they do, we almost feel like they are super human, with no worries of there own, I so hope you meet him on a good day next time, if you need to visit 

    Lucy doing amazingly well, be proud of your self.

  • Thanks Tracey funny thing is I went to the urgent care because I was feeling like crap....should have waited the next day and saw my own gps.......I had such a bad experience with this place won't be going back there, my blood pressure was even high 171/92 he didn't even blink......if he was having a bad day I think he took it out on me.......I though about it a lot he has made me even more strong in my quit........

  • Lucy1255 , how are you keeping Kat, hows the chest infection, you have been keeping quiet, hope you are ok?

    I passed my 8 month milestone on Thursday, feels great, getting closer to the penthouse!

  • Congratulations on your 8 month I can't wait until I reached it as well. Been back to doctor said I have acid reflux causing my sore throat.........feels like I smoked a thousand cig......but been resting my voice and feel so much better I planted some iris in the garden so that felt good...... I will be going on vacation to see my daughter who lives in Cailforina this week........she is thrilled that I have quit

  • Ah Kat, thats wonderful, enjoy your visit to your daughter, I bet she is so proud of you which is so important to have that support especially from family, Yeah, acid reflux is common in quits. Keep up the great work, delighted for you.

  • Thank you so much she has been after me for some time now....yes she is vey proud as I say to myself......I can't believe I stopped I'm still amazed every day..your right support is I'm trying to get my brother to quit

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