Another funeral and lots of stress

I have my uncles funeral this afternoon which will be very sad im not looking forward to over stressed out at work yesterday my day started at 4am and i didnt get home till 9pm!! was driving threw london got lost cause my sat nav kept taking round in circles i was effing blinding  and steam coming out my ears lol i was puffing away on my ecig and thoughts of smoking kept coming in my as if having a smoke going to make me less lost lol anyway im still smoke free even thow lifes a bit testing at the moment but it would still be testing even if i smoked so its all in my head.

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  • Hey Joe, sorry to read you are going through a rough time at the moment, but just keep thinking how smoking will just add to the stress.   You have worked so hard Joe and are doing so well.

    Wishing you strength for your uncles funeral today....

  • Joe, sounds like a tough time - hope that it goes ok today. As you say, smoking isn't going to make it better - probably worse. Hang on in there

  • Sorry for your loss Joe, I'm sure this is a stressful time for you. Well done for not smoking yesterday. We all know how difficult it can get and smoking that one cigarette won't help it's all mind set. Your doing so well and should be proud of yourself. Hope today goes smoothly for you. Take care

  • hi Joe.

    hope things went ok today

    smoking now will only bring on a massive Guilt trip.its not worth it.

    It's so easy to get cigarette's here in UK

    we should be like south of can drive for hours looking for a fag shop.There certainly not on every corner

    anyway.take care

    keep kicking  .

  • So sorry to hear about your Uncle,,,,stay strong

  • Hi, have just caught up with your post, funerals are so horrid, indeed the emotions and apprehensions of attending are just to intense,  am hoping you got through ok, with hopefully nice thoughts of him,  my word you are indeed having a Troublesome time, not to mention London driving.

    Am sending you my special WELL DONE medal of the the sooo deserve it.

    Hoping your still smoke free

  • Sorry for your loss but a huge well done on not giving in, it really is all in the mind . hope you're feeling a bit better today xx

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