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Thinking about quiting ... again

Hey guys first time here.

I am thinking about quiting smoking again.

I quit a about 5 years ago on champix and was very successful lasted about 2 years. Then i had a bad break up and gave in and started smoking again.

I tried champix again and it didnt seem to work at all

I smoke ALOT around 30- 40 per day anyone able to offer some advice?

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Hi Denny I haven't used champix before but if it helped before maybe it will again? That's what you have to remember that you did it before - and for such a long time! So I am sure you can succeed again πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»


I tried it again a few years ago and it didnt work


hi Denny I smoked about 25 aday for the last 25 years and this was my first serious quit, I am using an e cig and have gone onto 0% liquid about 3 weeks ago. There is lots of aids out there to help patches,gum, champix or if your really ready cold turkey. I did alot of research before I picked my date and decided for me personally it was the e cig and I also read Allan Carrs easy way to stop smoking. The biggest help along the way was this group, there is always someone about to offer support when you need it most. Go for it! You have done it once you can do it again!!😊

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Hello Denny89

I quit using an e-cig which was the only thing that worked for me. I smoked for decades and am now 47. Perhaps try an alternative method if Champix is no longer doing the trick.


Welcome Denny89 - my advice is having the correct mindset to quit - it needs 100% focus and determination and you have to really want to quit - the title of your post suggests that you are not ready 'thinking of quitting again' - You must want to quit with every ounce of your body - I quit cold turkey - but we have a good few members that successfully quit with both champix and vaping - ask yourself why champix didn't work for you this time around and perhaps look into an alternative aid - look forward to seeing you in Day 1 soon :)


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