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As you know I'm slowly weaning myself off vaping with a view to stopping. I have been leaving it at home when going out, some days it has been OK others not so good but manageable. When I smoked I never smoked in the house so my cigs were outside on the patio, the ecig however has been on my coffee table very accessible and I think I have therefore used it too much without really needing it so I have now left it out of reach, which means I have to make an effort to get it. Over the weekend I have hardly vaped so I think the strategy worked. I shall still continue vaping till my 3 month quit which is next weekend then it's goodbye to any smoking related addiction.

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  • Oh Jean, what a great post to read, well done! Really delighted for you, keep up the great work :)

    PS Nozmo, hope you are getting on ok at work today with your start of weaning off it.

  • I'm off today Roisin, my son's school has an in service day so I'm looking after him.

    I think he's in the house somewhere 😄

  • :D

  • Jean that is great news

  • It's going very well me hope for my own ecig whittling.

    Thanks for the update, really pleased for you.

  • Well done, you sound like you have a good strategy there. Keep going :)

  • I had a girlfriend that did the exact same thing, never smoked in the house but used the ecig in the house. Not having to get up and go outside she do ended up using it more. Even down to having it down her bra at work and would use it in the toilet. Apparently they don't smell. She is smoking way more than she ever did. So I'd say you have to be careful with them


  • My sister is on them too since Christmas and it is never out of her mouth, told Nozmo this story a while ago, the latest craze with teenagers in our small town is to put cannabis into them and vape away at it! I have been told that they are even doing it at mass and half the congregation leaves mass very chilled out indeed :)

  • By the way, well done and good luck as you take your final approach


  • Hello Jean, hope you're having a good day...

    I'm back to work today, got in at 7:30 and haven't touched the ecig since I arrived. It's been fine so far but I have been busy in meetings all morning so they're not situations I would associate with using the e-cig. (that would be frowned upon I'm sure!)

    It's now lunch time, and the weather's lovely so it's popped into my head a couple of times but nothing major.

    I hope it continues like this, if I can get away with not using it at work I'll be chuffed. Not using it in the pub however will definitely have to wait until the European Championships are over.

  • Good for you Nozmo and good luck in the football :)

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