Thanks for all your support folks, I'm new to this forum so please bare with me 😠 I'm 11 days and 8 hours into my new life.

Beer, wine ect and ciggs do NOT go hand in way of over coming this false belief was very very easy.

My way was to go out the first 3 to 4 nights smoke free and have a couple of beers (hit it head on), my mind set didn't take long to adjust it self. To me now having a cigg with a beer would be like pouring ice cream over a lovely roast beef dinner CRIMINAL.

All I'm trying to say is work with your mind and not against it and you WILL win.   Good look people let's help each other 😆😆😆

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  • It's so true you have to retrain your brain and get rid of myths about smoking. I too have not changed my lifestyle one bit from day one I have gone out and faced the fact that I can enjoy my coffee or alcohol without a cig.  It was a bit of a battle those first days but I don't now associate cigs with pleasure. Our minds are powerful allies. 

  • Well done Nikon! I'm exactly the same, no pint making hurdles for yourself, I've carried on having my glass of wine in the evening as usual. The only thing I've stopped is my cup of instant coffee in the morning as it tastes disgusting now I've stopped smoking, I have a peppermint or camomile tea instead 😊 Still treat myself to the odd latte at work as well!

  • I don't drink,  I only have the odd glass of wine with the meal if it's a special dinner out, other than that I might have one pint when I'm on holiday once a year just to avoid the slagging but I don't really drink.

    I did stop drinking coffee when I stopped smoking,  you have to do what you have to do! I was turning into an antichrist and before I was arrested for murder I decided to replace coffee with camomile tea and buckets of water instead. Although I support keeping the lifestyle ultimately you do what you have to do to reach your goal. You first! Always! 

    Good luck buddy! 😀 

  • Yes Nikon...Don't defend...attack....Well done !!

  • Nikon, Congratulations!!. 11 days is wonderful.   I  wish you many , many more days of being a non smoker. Like others have said, as long as what you do, works for you, then that's best. Period.  For every post, there's a new or different way. We are still  individuals, and unique, and that's good.    I use this site and others, to break it up a bit.   I find the support forums very helpful, and I hope you do too.  Stay on it,  and may there be NOPE for us all :).

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