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Bloating & Stomach Pain using Champix

I've been reading allot of these posts and thought maybe I could share my experience and what helped me.


The stomach pain when I take the pills is really tough to deal with but I found eating a banana really helps. Eat halve the banana, Take the pill than finish the rest. It's the only thing that doesn't make me feel nauseous.Or a few crackers before and after help a bit as well.

As far as the bloating, I've felt so bloated for the past 2 weeks so went and spoke with the pharmacist on what to do and he suggested Align Digestive Care, I took a pill about 4 hours ago and already I feel alot better.

That and drinking lots of water seems to be helping as well.

Just thought I would try to help those out having the same symptoms I am.

Good Luck everyone, It may seem tough to get through these little road blocks but I know we all have the strength to quit. Been smoking for 21 years and finally kicking this bad habit!!!

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Welcome Ang and well done on over 2 weeks (?).   

Thanks for sharing your experience with Champix which I am sure will help those on it too.   I am into my 7th month doing it cold turkey  and this forum and never looked back, I had my fair share of up and downs but well settled in my quit now.

Wishing you strength and success.


Welcome Ang...Yes I also used Champix and true the fact not to take it on an empty stomach..really help to eat something before taking the pill...Seems that you have got things sorted and very well done.... Yup I am still trying to forgive myself for battering my body for 38 years with all that nasty stuff..but somehow came to my senses....!!

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Well done! Yeah the sickness with the champix is a real bummer,  different things trigger it for different people,  mine was anything sweet I would get violently a muffin was enough to do it.

What worked well with me was a slice with toast and butter and tea, no milk. Then later I could eat whatever I wanted I'm first place. 

The only advice I can give you is to keep taking it for at least 3 months don't stop any time before that, I've made that mistake before and it leads to relapse. 

Stay strong xxxx


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