Hi there. I relapsed a days ago. I blew a 2 mth quit through too much alcohol. However, after smoking a couple of roll ups when sober I realised just how evil these things taste. I also did not feel well after the dopamine injection that cigs give you, rather I felt on edge, and anxious. After 25 years of smoking I realise that smoking is purely nicotine addiction, a poison that does not belong in the human body. Life is much better without nicotine. I am yet again on day 3 of withdrawal and I hope to never go back to smoking. I am also quitting alcohol for a month because my relapses usually correlate with using too much alcohol. Good luck everyone. Smoking will kill 1 out of 2 users. That's a fact.

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  • Well done Simon for getting back on the horse, you know what you have to do, wishing you strength and success, you can do this!

  • Thanks for the support.

  • Do you know beer taste better when you don't smoke.

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