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Well, I have to say I'm a bit disappointed that I've had to revisit this forum.

I quit with the aid of this forum over a year ago and was cigarette free for 1 entire year. What went wrong? Well I was on travel to a foreign place and some how during that trip I ended up having a cigarette after a few drinks and here I am 7 months later and I'm a full blown cigarette addict again.

I've been telling myself to stop from the day I started again but haven't done it yet. After taking a look at my previous posts in this forum it's really given me the drive to put these cigarettes down. I have posts on this forum from my first day to 106 days cigarette-free and beyond. I need to get back to being cigarette-free.

Tomorrow is going to be my day. Tomorrow is the day when I put down the cigarettes for good and start taking care of myself.

I will post here whenever I can and hope you guys will follow along as support.

Thanks Guys

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Hi Guy

Welcome back and what a damn shame. Never mind, sounds like you're ready to kick some butts (hahaha) now.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing you crack it again


Wow BostonSteve, posts like this really show how easily it is to fall back into old patterns.

Like you said though, you knew it from the moment it started - well done for that and not sticking your head in the sand for longer (Lord knows smokers know how to rationalise their 'habit').

Here you are and you know the drill :) We're here for you for support or just a chat. Hope you're excited about tomorrow :)


Hi Steve, sorry to here that, I quit for nine months and then blow it so it happens. You know you can do it, you have proved you can do it.

You are aware of the mistakes you made last time.

Just go for it hun and make this your last quit.

Joan xxx


dale :D I see what you did there, haha, very clever ;)


dale :D I see what you did there, haha, very clever ;)

I magaed to get Steve's name wrong though! DOH!


You came back. Thats a terrific start! Good to see you again. Fi


PMSL - only you :D

I know... :rolleyes:

So sorry STEVE :o


Welcome back bostonsteve

You can do it, will look for you in day 1 tomorrow.

Im only a few days a head so, keep strong !.

ali xx:D


Welcome back Steve. You are doing good to make it back after seven months. After my last relapse it took me three years to quit again. I have never stopped for a year only three or four months at a time.


Hi there - welcome back to the happy band of quitters ;)

I'm sorry you lapsed, especially after such a long, strong quit. If it's any consolation, your experience acts as a big shiny warning to all of us never to be complacent. Not one puff, ever. EVER!

Best of luck with setting out on that road again.

Helen x


Welcome back, best of luck :)


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