🏑At last, first lawn cut of the year....🌞🌱 - No Smoking Day

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🏑At last, first lawn cut of the year....🌞🌱

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and boy was it just delightful to be able to get the amazing smell of freshly cut grass and breathe it in....always found it so therapeutic and my favourite job!

I remember back to my first lawn cut smoke free, it was a massive craving situation as would have smoked about 3 cigarettes admiring my job well done......today, heading into my third year smoke free, it never crossed my mind for one, which goes to prove that once you get over these habitual situations for the first time, it is so much easier the next time....

We have got our obligatory rumoured heatwave which is suppose to be coming from Africa - Hercu, you send us the heat and sun and we will send you our rain!!


16 Replies
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Jared01Valued Contributor

Looks lovely, haven't done mine yet, remember too the first time I cut ours smoke free, was gasping for a cigarette after it!!

Aoibheann751 Year Smoke Free

Ah so true Roisin, as I head to my first year smoke free, remember out doing gardening last year, had just started my quit, god it was horrendous the cravings, haven't got out and about yet this year as was kinda putting it off, so good to read it should be better this year 8-)

Phobicmaniac2 Years Smoke Free

Very nice Roisin, no doubt if the heatwave comes, we will be complaining that it is too hot!! :O

Beatit500 Days Smoke Free

ah remember this to be one of the worst cravings I encountered when I first stopped along with my first drink sitting outside on a warm sunny evening...all in the past now!! 8-)

CocoaXChangeValued Contributor

Cutting grass sure beats shoveling snow.

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to CocoaXChange

Could be shoveling up trees CocoaXChange - weather warning for strong gale winds with heavy rain with a risk of spot flooding - usually crap about heatwaves :O

Putter1000 Days Smoke Free

We’re having a major winter storm β›ˆ

Enjoy the green grass... still waiting for our spring 🌷



watchinangga9 Months Smoke Free

Very nice! I always love the smell of freshly cut grass. That's one thing I miss from home :)

casinolife1 Year Smoke Free

Good job. Beautifully done.

3 months, 6 days in. Got a truck load of dirt and shoved into flower/veg garden. Sat back, 2 hours later, admiring my hard work. Would have normally smoked, sat and drank a soda. Wow! Didn't know what to do afterwards. Craving!!!

So, I had a beer and I don't drink. Got 1/2 if it down and was content. Next yard chore, think I will just run around the yard and enjoy doing it without wheezing.

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to casinolife

Good for you casinolife :)

HercuValued Contributor

Roisen..Nice and yes, very fair exchange...!

We are much better off than In Jan, Feb and had a few thunder storms but the reservoir is still under 30 % ....All irrigation still stopped but the Bananas will survive on the few drops we had...

Yes, winter is on our doorstep and temperatures down to nice comfortable 25Β° C during the day and a chilly 17Β° C on sunrise... The heat could only have gone North...

Enjoy summer Roisin....!

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Hercu

Spoke too soon Hercu - summer still not here, weather warning for strong gale winds with heavy rain with a risk of spot flooding - usually crap in the media about a heatwave 8-)


hi RoisinO1

I cut my grass,back garden,I moved my bird house and a barrel thing and a big fat f.....ing rat ran out,I'm not scared of them but it made me jump and some very colourful words 😁 There in next doors shed,

no early baby yet,had a lovely baby shower,first one,never been to one before.

do you remember me saying hubbys dad was put in secure hospital,its decision is he cant go home in Rothwell,Leeds they have given him a sheltered flat in Otley,over a hour drive and no family near at all,very upset family.

anyway ,take care 😊

keep kicking 😎

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Hidden

Oh god Hidden rats/mice my worst fear - spiders, insects no problem with....

Is your father in law going to be on his own in the flat with his Alzheimer's condition?

Be sure to let us know when the baby arrives - never at a baby shower either....my brother and sister in law asked me to be godmother to their baby son over the weekend, was overwhelmed and pleasantly surprised to be asked, christening is the end of May, this is my second time to be godmother, have another godson who is going to be 18 in July, can't believe it, time just flying by :O


hi RoisinO1

fairy godmother 😁

how nice,so happy for you 😊

our baby has sort of started,slow labour could be today could be 3 weeks 😁

18th,,my youngest birthday,31😁

you enjoy every minute 😁

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Hidden

Oh how exciting Karen :O

Yeah, I am looking forward to enjoying being the doting godmother!! Trying to think up of something special to get him for his Christening, will have a look online later on.....

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