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Hey all.. Newbie on Day 5!


I'm on the 5th day of quitting cold turkey and it's horrible, I had lots of hot flashes on the second day and I've had a headache for the past few days but today.. I feel terrible, my headache has intensified, I feel nauseous, and heartburn? Anyone else get heartburn? I'm tired and fed up.. Just wanted to compare this to other people's experiences to check it's just normal. On the plus side though I haven't wanted a cig all day cause I've felt like poop, lol

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Welcome to the forum and good luck with your quit.

Knowledge is all! I remember spending hours searching for information and that has helped me a lot.

Any of those symptoms could be caused by any other reason but yes they could also be related to the quit.

If you think really, you would get the sweats and the palpitations just from being on the edge, now you are under stress, agitated and you can't have your fix, the body is crying out for the fix.

Loads of water, no coffee. Chamomile tea and rest is what I would recommend.

Don't fight it, embrace it instead. It is rotten but the memories of these rotten days will keep you away from a relapse.

Stay strong xxx

I've just been googling EVERYTHING and it all seems pretty normal, I know everyone has different experiences though. I've been really dizzy too but apparently thats another totally normal side effect. I would not want to have a cigarette now and ruin all this hard work, and really don't want to have to go through these quitting symptoms again. Everyone's been very supportive, a few people have recommended getting an e-cig but I don't really want a crutch! I'm kind of all or nothing. It's nice to come on a forum like this and talk to people experiencing a similar thing, or people who have been there and done that giving you a hand!

I'll have to try and cut out the coffee and relax some more although my job is pretty taxing and it's hard to get a lot of down time.

Thanks for the advice :)


Hey Faithy, welcome and congratulations on making it to Day 5. I too am doing it cold turkey and just started Week 9. It is a rollercoaster of a ride, Research is key and all of the withdrawals you are experiencing are perfectly normal and can last from 2 - 4 weeks, Yes, try and cut out the coffee, I haven't had a cup since I started my quit and on ice cold water and lemon first thing every morning which is very refreshing and replaced the smoke! Stay close to the forum and read up on posts at this stage of your quit, there is a few newbies on here and ye could buddy up! Good luck and stay strong!


Your enthusiasm is contagious, we need you around here more often.

I agree with not getting the ecigg, but each to their own.some people really swear by it.

My experience with the ecigg is that it just didn't do for me, while using the ecigg I just fomented the thought of being prevented to have the real thing and eventually I gave in.

When I say for you to stop the coffee it's not for the obvious reasons... The association between coffee vs cigarette and start cravings.

I actually believe you need to deal with that from day one, that should not be a trigger if you're going to remain smoke free.

My reason is that I personally found it very hard to stay calm and serene, the only way you're winning this is by stay in control, therefore any stimulants are a no no for me.

I also found out this quit that if I give in to eat chocolate I start immediately craving cigarettes.

If you keep it clean, literally buckets of water and no sugar specially chocolate ( stimulating) it's much easier to stay serene and always be in control.

That was my secret on this quit and I'm winning, I've gone further than any other previous attempt...and Im calm and serene.( except every so often, rarely at this stage when I'm like an antichrist lol)

Canwes1000 Days Smoke Free

Faithy, your doing great. CT worked for me so far and I'm glad your trying that approach. Remember any approach to quitting is good. The trick is to never quit having quit. These next couple of weeks will challenge you but you seem to have the mindset needed to beat this horrible addiction that literally can ruin your life. Stay strong and continue down the road to a nicotine free life, there is a pot of gold at the end you know.

Hello Faithy! I am new here, too. Day 7 for me, but I have used the nicotine gum to help because I wasn't able to handle breaking both the habit and the addiction at the same time. I have still had the dizzy spells and some other nasty symptoms because I'm only using one piece of gum a day, so I sympathise! You are doing FANTASTIC! The withdrawal is awful but it passes. My trick was lots of fruit to help with the sugar crashes (nicotine messes with blood sugar) and water, so much water. It made all the difference. Breathing is awesome! Clean teeth are amazing! The world smells... well not so much amazing but at least it smells of *something*!

You can do it! I have faith in you. :D

Hi Faithy. I'm on Day 15. I never thought I'd make it this far, I promise you.

I've been stopping and starting for a whole year now. This forum is what has helped me through. The people on here are an amazing support.

Just to let you know I also had awful headaches in the first week, felt dizzy, flu-ish and just awful. That disappeared in the second week to be replaced by anxiety. But I feel fine now so it didn't last long.

I think it's a bit different for everyone though. I'm already enjoying more energy, being able to smell and taste more and feeling cleaner.

I'm using chamomile tea, rescue remedy, lavender oil to sniff, magnesium and lots of water. Also took long walks to beat the craving and the anxiety.

But what's made the biggest difference to my quit this time is definitely having the support from the group.

I hope you'll find same.


That's so nice of you Becky, you are definitely in the right frame of mind

I'm so happy to see you're getting stronger by the day xxx

HercuValued Contributor

Hi Faithy... Yes I am catching you on day 9/10 due to my third world internet speed and availability... You are doing great and glad to hear that you have not yet got the urge to lick a chain smoker to get some nicotine satisfaction...The symptoms and P..; feeling is fairly normal and you have got some great advise...All I can say is hang in there and you will reap the success.. and enjoy this wonderful smoke free life...

CocoaXChangeValued Contributor

Faithy, cold water helped me a lot the first few weeks. I read that quitting will make you drink less coffee. I guess the stimulants encourage each other. I found that to be true. I drank 7-8 cups a day and have been drinking much less, though no intentionally. Good luck.

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