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No Smoking Day
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newbie starting day 3

Well hi to all you good folk out there,

Glad to know I'm not alone, today is the 3rd day of the rest of my life as things have to change, I've smoked around 15 -20 a day for 24yrs and have started to feel the down sides.

This is my 3rd attempt at stopping the evil weed, first time stopped for 1 yr and one drunken night....you know the rest, last time stopped for 10 months but wanted a cig the same then as when I first stopped.

Anyway on to a new chapter and feeling reasonably good

This time I must keep on keeping on

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Welcome aboard Hare, and well done on your quit this far.

They are a great bunch on here, so you will hopefully get all the support and advice you need :)


Morning Hare and a big welcome to the forum from me too. :)

You've done it before and you can do it again- this time for keeps. There are only two rules really- Rule 1 is to just keep on putting one foot in front of the other (you'll be surprised at how the time mounts up) and Rule 2 is NOPE- Not One Puff Ever.

May your day go well and may this be your Forever Quit. :D


Thanks folks for the positive support!

TG - im goin cold turkey this time as don't want a crutch or alternate habit to break free from later - I hope this time is it as my head seems stronger than before but saying that today is proving difficult - bring on tomorrow!


Hi. Welcome and good luck. You are over the first few days now....so keep going


Hi Hare, youve almost made it through day 3 which much feel good!!!! It only gets better so keep up the good work :D


So lovely all these Jan quitters I wish you all the success you need,

Post and read often , it really helps,

Warm welcome to a lovely bunch


Really pleased I've found this site and all of you feel good folk - really pushing me to my limits at the mo and what's all this fidgeting about!!!! Feel like a coiled spring!!


Haha, I was ready to burst around day 3 and 4. It's pushing you to your old limits. Your setting new ones this time round, stay strong and if all else fails lock the doors and go to bed!!!!


Welcome to the forum and wishing you the very best of luck.


Welcome to the houses hare, we have taken over a whole street and are rapidly developing. Enjoy your shared room at the moment, you soon get to move to something larger with better decor! ;)


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