Morning All - A Quick Introduction on Day 5 - No Smoking Day

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Morning All - A Quick Introduction on Day 5

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Hi All,

Just thought I'd leave a quick message introducing myself and a bit of info about my quitting experience so far!

I've been smoking about a pack a day for the last 5 years (ok, I know not as long as many but still a fair amount!), and stopped last Sat.

Today I'm starting day 5 and although it's fairly easy now, most of the time... I am a little worried about this afternoon as it will be the first time I am in a situation with people I used to smoke with on a regular basis, I'm sure I will be OK but I am still not looking forward to the experience!

Anyway, thats me, just a quick hello and good luck to everyone else out there!


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hello and welcome

also well done on 5 days!!

just think how they stink this afternoon :eek:

Welcome Mike

Congrats on your quit hope you got passed this afternoon ok you will feel fab when you leave your smoking buddys and your still smoke free. Just think 2 more days and your worse week is over and done. Linda xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi All,

Thanks for all the kind words.

Well, I managed to get through today OK although it was much harder than yesterday for some reason, I really did consider packing it all in at one point.

What really did it for me though was while I was out for a jog, I saw a half smoked ciggie on the ground and actually considered for half a second about trying to smoke it!!!!! Can you believe the logic there, I mean, I run most days, eat well and yet for a split second I considered picking up a used ciggie off the ground, putting it in my mouth and smoking it!!!

Now granted of course I would have never done that in a million years, but the fact it actually crossed my mind was enough to really freak me out. It just shows how strong and how silly smoking really is and how much control it can have over you.

Nearly onto day 6 now and not much happening tomorrow so shouldnt be too much of a problem.

Right, now where's that bottle wine....


haaaaaa anecdotals like that one about picking up the fag are great!!

Hiya Mike. Good to see you here. My my you must be superfit, if you still managed to run and smoke! I can't even run, a walk is more my pace to be honest! I was at breaking point the other day when I knew I needed to quit. I'd go all day without a ciggy, then buy some at 5ish, get as many down my neck as possibe in the evening, then scrunch what ever was left in the packet up and throw them in my bin because tomorrow was always my quit day! It was getting expensive throwing all these packets away - would I scrunch up a fiver and throw that away every four days or so? - I don't think so! Anyway I was sooo desperate to smoke one lunchtime that I took the ciggy packet out of the bin and tried to straighten the very messy stick that was left and cried. I then posted here asking for help (never smoked it - it was past saving and CPR wasn't an option but this was the defining moment for me that made me realise I had to do it) I can completely understand being tempted to pinch half a smoked dog end up from the floor - we were and still are addicts, trying to fight it! Please don't think I'm that dirrrty cause I'm not!!!!! :eek: Anyway, hello and good luck you!

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