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Newbie on day 5!

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Hi Ladies and Gents!

This is my 1st time on this forum, and the 1st time i have seriously stopped smoking (barr pregnancy).

I am 30 years old, and smoked from the age of 14 until 5 days ago!

I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself!

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Keep the energy and motivation up Claire!

Hello there;

I find it interesting to read your post as I pretty much posted the exact same message on my day 5 quit. It was essentially that I was on day 5 and that it was my first time in the forum.

I know that the reason I found the forum was because I was having difficulty that day and was online looking for any kind of support I could find. I am guessing that is what lead you here as well? I have to tell you, I contribute a good part of my quit to this site. I haven't posted that much, but just being able to read the posts and understand that I am not the only one going through this, has helped me tremendously.

I am now on day 15 as my last day was July 30th. From what I have read, I believe it gets much easier after next week (and from my own past experiences).

Keep up the good work and enjoy another smoke free day!


Hello Matthew,

thanks for the welcome.

Nope, i am not having a hard day today (thankfully) but last night was a NIGHTMARE! I dont have any support anywhere, as nearly all my friends are smokers, so i cant be aorund them at the moment or talk to them about it!

After last night, it was all going smoothly, was managing to cope fine, was really excited about being a non-smoker...but last night i had the rug pulled out from under me and it really shocked me!

I think that i am getting a hefty dose of reality! Since i decided to quit, i havent had any major problems with cravings, i dont miss it at all,and was subconsciously maybe thinking that i was 'one of those lucky few' that dont really suffer during quitting? HOW WRONG I WAS!!!! Last night proved that!

How smug was i! Not any longer though!!

Well done on your day 15! I cant wait to get there!!


Have you heard of the HALT acrynm Claire? It lists the 4 major triggers that cause us to have those strong cravings that make trick our minds into smoking again:

Hunger, Anger, Lonely, and Tired.

Otherwise, when we aren't in one of these states, our quits are seemingly much easier and the cravings are that much more tolerable. If you think back to the state you were in last night is there any of these 4 points that you can identify you might have been experiencing?

Hi Matthew,

no, i hadnt heard of that before..but i can honestly say that i was feeling all of them last night!

After a pretty bad night, i went to bed (as i was exhausted) and then my friend called me and we had a really big falling out (which still isnt sorted out) and the 1st thing that came into my mind is "i want a cigarette".

I then sat and reasoned with myself, and tried to remember that if i had a cigarette it wouldnt stop me feeling so angry with my friend, so there is no point in smoking every time i get an emotion, as smoking does nothing to make that emotion go away!

I am back to feeling really positive again today though, and have already started to notice some good side effects of not smoking- i can taste food!!!! I thought i could taste food properly when i smoked, but i was so wrong! I had a lovely salad with chicken, cous cous etc for lunch, and i dont think anything has ever tasted so lovely!!!

I have just been into town to get a few bits for dinner and had the misfortune of walking behind a pair of smokers...i just didnt realise how much i used to smell, it STANK!

I actually felt quite good that as i was walking behind them, i wasnt trying to fill my lovely lungs with their toxic leftovers that were floating right in my face, i was thinking how horrible it was, and how i feel so sorry for the people (especially those with kids) that used to walk behind me when i was smoking!!

Welcome to the forum Claire and good luck with your quit.

There are some fantastic people on here and everyone is always willing to help with you never feel alone.

I've just reached 5 months quit...and it's not an easy road...but it has started to get better for me....just give it time...

Come on here often talk to people, and read up...there is so much advice on here...and we all go through the same things.



Thanks Nickiw,

i have been looking around the forum, and looking at those who are further into the quit than me, and i am in awe of some people on here.

Everyone seems so supportive!

I am so glad to have found this forum, as i can vent/moan/celebrate with others who know what i am going through!!

Hello and welcome Claire,

Yes you've come to the right place as everyone's in the same boat, it's fun to share the good times and then you have lots of help and support through the bad times!

Like me you had a rubbish night last night, buy it was friday 13th :D and yes almost all my friends and family smoke too, I can take it all in small doses but still find the soc-ial-ising really hard as you know a few drinks and the inhibitions start to go out the window!

I can say though, that any sacrifices you have to make are totally worth it and they wont be forever, the health benefits are amazing and then the money saved too!

Are you using NRT or quitting cold turkey? You sound really positive and thats cheered me up too so thanks :D

Shelly XXX

Hi shelly ( i hope you don't mind me shortening your name like that??),

How far into your quit are you?

I am going CT, no NRT for me. I am not sure if we are allowed to advocate certain methods of quitting on this board??? But i read an AMAZING book by a very well known man, about quitting easily and it changed my whole out look on smoking etc, so i quit half way through reading the book ( not sure if it will get edited out by the modserators, but it was Allen Carr's Easyway to stop smoking). I am raving about this book to anyone who will listen as i have never been affected so much by 1 book, and i am a BIG reader and have read hundreds (if not thousands) of books over the years.

Its made stopping smoking more a pleasure than a chore, and i can honestly say that i feel 200000% sure that i have made the right decision.

Dont get me wrong, its still tough sometimes (like last night), but i have made little posters for myself that i have put up over my house, with quotes from the book, they really help, as i reda them while cooking dinner ( there are some stuck to the kitchen cupboards), while walking through to the lounge (there are some stuck to my doors) etc. I really feel like it helps me to remember that i am not a smoker anymore, i am now a non-smoker!

Sorry, i rambled on a bit then!!!

I havent even attempted to so******e with smokers yet, as i just dont think it will be the ideal situation for me just yet..maybe when i am a month into my quit..who knows!

LOL :D call me what you like Claire, my name is Shelly but the winters is made up it was a pet name someone had for me!

I'm quit 5 and half months approx and cold turkey because patches didnt agree with me and there nothing wrong with mentioning Allen Carr if that's your method!

I read allen carr several times over the years, ended up reading the one for women, scary how women are being scapegoated by the tobacco companies, but anyway I found it a useful 'tool' however it didnt make me quit totally, still didnt get the euphoria, but know lots of people it worked wonders for!

What worked for me was reading myself silly about everything to do with smoking on the internet every night for about 2 months, then I found this site and it kind of took over, its like having a whole bunch of quitting buddies!

So pleased you are getting the positive vibe and credit to you, you seem really focused, wishing you all the luck with your quit!!

Shelly XX

Thanks Shelly,

different strokes for different folks as they say! I know that Allen Carr's 'method' doesnt work for everyone, and thats cool!

The evenings are always the worst for me, when the kids go to bed and all the housework is done, i get bored and i guess its just habit to smoke.

Claire -when the kids have gone to bed and you want a smoke ?

log on instead and post and chat xxx

you will be fine . keep strong .:)

Thanks Skylark, thats the plan!

You guys are going to be so sick of me!!


Hi guys,

day 6!

Cant believe that i have done nearly a whole week!!:D

Hi guys,

day 6!

Cant believe that i have done nearly a whole week!!:D

Way to go 6...

You are building a really solid quit my lovely...your attitude is fantastic.

Into week 2 soon....xx

Thanks Lornaj.

i am feeling great today!

Happy happy happy!!!!

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