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1st day for newbie on champix


This is my second post. I posted last week with (I am on day 7 of taking Champix with no feelings of wanting to cut down or stop yet. Most people seem to want to at least cut down by about day 3 or 4. I'm really scared that Champix will not work for me. Has any one else felt like this or am i just panicking for nothing)

I am now on day 14 of Champic and stopped smoking this morning so not quite on day 2 yet. It's easier with Champix than without it but i have already had an argument with my husband and think that i am going crazy.

It's your encouragement that got me to this stage so thank you.

Hope to talk again tomorrow. Do i move to the day 2 section?

Thanks 3k5k

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Stick with it - you can do it !!

Hey, I didn't use Champix - but 'er indoors (Sharkbait) did.

Right up to the day before she stopped, she kept saying that she didn't feel ready and that there was no change; she also turned into a psycho-hosebeast for a bit in the early stages - but she has just started week 7.

There's absolutely no doubt that as long as you stick with it that things will continue to get better - and you'll only ever feel more and more in control of your life !

You CAN do this and every day that passes will make it easier and easier !!

Stick with it !!!!!

:D :D

Well done you have the worst day over look to the future:)


hi congrats on going smokefree.

I am on champix and 2morrow will be the end of week 7 for me and i cant believe it, but when i started the starter pack as it got nearer to quit date i was smoking more than normal, but got to quit date and stopped and have been fine for 55days get the odd pang but hardly thinking of smoking. I have had problems with sleeping which is ongoing but trying to put up with it if it means not smoking.

Good Morning!!

I'm also on Champix (Day 8) - like you I got to my quit date of 7days into taking the tablets and I really didn't feel ready to stop so I just pushed the date out by 2 days and made sure I stopped then.

It's not like Zyban where the ciggies start to taste vile but you don't get the 'psycho' side effects!!

It's actually been OK, just getting a few pangs every now and again. Feeling quite hungry and having some wonderfully weird dreams!

Go for it!!

Let me know how you get on!


champix day 4 - NAUSEA

Hi all - thought I'd just jump into this one rather than start a new thread.

Congratulations on your successes so far and keep up the good work!

I am on day 4 of Champix and feel SICK SICK SICK - is this how it works by making you too nauseous to smoke? I am not really sleeping and getting shakes and sweats - all this on just 0.5mg once a day!!! I am worried that these symptoms will get worse as the dose goes up and I just won't be able to cope/work etc

I am finding it easy to smoke less but still panicking about stopping as I've cut down fairly easily before. 9 yesterday (day 3) as opposed to usual 20 (that's 15 if you're my doctor!). But sadly still enjoying it - was hoping they just wouldn't satisfy.

Any help, advice, support will be much appreciated

All best:confused:

Hi snotter,

Welcome to the forum,

I am on day 31 of champix and day 20 of not smoking and I felt just like you.

You start to wonder if you feel this sick is it worth it but I can assure you it is.

You have to eat and drink water before taking your tablet but I felt sick until day 10. I think you feel more sick when you are still smoking and taking the tablets. So when you stop smoking you stop feeling sick. Well thats how it was for me anyway.

If you read alot of the posts on here it helps and they all give you lots of tips and advice.

Good luck with your quit,

Befly x x:D :D

Welcome snotter x x x x

Stay strong and keep us posted,

~Buffy x x

day 5 - thanks for the welcome

Hi all

Thanks for the welcome and advice.

I had found another suggestion to take after food - would have been nice to get the info from nurse tho. As a morning smoker breakfast is typically juice coffee fag!!! Had porridge this morning so hoping to feel not so bad.

Also thanks for the encouragment - I can do a couple of weeks feeling like this - might even lose a couple of pounds. Help offset over-eating when stopped.

Stocked up on mint and camomile tea and fresh ginger to help with nausea and no sleep. And drinking lots of water seems to help.

Anybody know if there are any reactions with alcohol ? - got a girl's night out tomorrow

Still got the panic thinking about stopping - was told it helps to visualise a fag free future healthier me etc BUT when I think about it I get sweaty palms and a knot in my stomach :eek:

Day 5 - 8 cigarettes - woke up feeling sick, went to bed feeling sick Urgh!

All best


Morning Snotter x x x x

Ah sounds like you got yourself sorted there x x good stocking up!! :D

I haven't heard of the effects of champix and alcohol :o Haven't heard it mentioned!!

Sure it'll be fine, no one here has quit drinking too :D hehehehe

A champix user will come along and tell you soon x x ~Buffy x x

Champix and Wine

Ha ha ha ha ha Hiya Snotter (what a posh sounding name!)

I can confirm without fear of contradiction that whilst there may be some people who find that Champix and alcohol don't go well together - that my partner (Sharkbait) has tested them together almost to the point of saturation - with no adverse effects.

Indeed, we even toyed with contacting the manufacturer to volunteer for a selection of tests with other substances (wine, cheese, cheese and wine etc etc) so that we could update people who were starting and who had eclectic lives - but we resisted the urge as I'm sure that they'll have taken these things into account already.

So, basically, my advice to you is to start drinking heavily (Eric Stratton, Rush Chairman) and to enjoy your night out !!! Just make sure that you balance the amount of wine you drink with your desire to never smoke another cigarette !

Good luck !!:)

second Befly's advice that when you stop smoking you stop feeling sick, and Maximus' that alcohol is fine with ChmpX:) In fact the little pills go down very nicely with a glass of red wine :D

Hi all.:D

Just to let u all know i'm still smoke free!!! finding it really easy with the champix! not even feeling like smoking! my sis-in-law called today, she said i'll just have a fag!(she'd forgot that i'd stopped! so she appologised and said she would put it out!) i told her i wasn't bothered(and to be very honest!! I WASN'T!:eek: ) so she carried on! showed her the champix, told her to go to doctors for some , but she said she does'nt want to stop??:confused:

anyway everyone to their own i guess?

Anyway going back to the champix,.........SNOTTER! go out and have a drink tomorrow night and enjoy yourself! i've been drinking wine by the bottle! 2 or 3:eek: at a bbq last week and i was fine.and a couple of nights out besides and come home with a right wabble on!! and i was fine, just the usual rough feeling that i normally have the next morning after a great time out boozing!!

anyway catchya all soon.


Hi poskit x x x

Glad your still hanging tough and full of positivity x x x ~Buffy x x x

Day 6 - less nausea - feeling twitchy

Hi again

Thanks for all the advice

Had a trial run with a couple of large glasses of vino last night before the big night out. Felt best ever since started Champix!!! Nausea completely gone!!!

Plus one fag for 2 large wines - normally be about 5 or 6

Don't really want to become an alcoholic to stop smoking - don't think that would impress Doc!

Less sick - definately think the food before pill helps a bit. Sleep pretty disturbed.

Got a place on a stop smoking clinic start next tuesday (quit day wednesday - but maybe move it to tuesday see how I feel when I get to 2 x 1mg)

told all the family/friends - was going to wait for quit date but decided I needed the extra push/shame etc

Trying to break some patterns/triggers while still smoking. Have breakfast then shower before ciggie. Have coffee then ciggie not together. Don't smoke on phone. Don't smoke at computer or doing crossword or reading paper. Wait 1 hr after meal. Have last one an hout before bed not last one. Hoping this bit of willpower will help when it comes to quit. Postpone, distract, keep busy

STILL feeling VERY panicky when I think about quit but good to know that others have felt the same way - thany you all for sharing your experiences

Best wishes to all, feel proud


yesterday - 7 cigarettes but even this was HARD

Maximus Lucious - re Snotter!

Sorry but Snotter is not at all posh was a bit of a punk and wore a huge green jumper knitted by my mum with black tights - it just got bigger and bigger! Last recorded measurment was 72" chest - and I was a slim young thing - in those days!

One day someone said

"You look like a giant snotter on a stick"

and it stuck!

So bogey basically - NOT posh xxx

ps Maximus Lucious? Big ?????? - my Latin is a bit rusty these days! ;)

Great story :D now I just have images of kenny everetts 'sid snot' rofl


Nice test run with the wine :D

alcoholism is not the preferred

quit method but it happens :p lollol

Your pre quit is well thought out and pattern breaking is great!!

I think you got this sussed and on a very good starting block!

Well done

~Buffy x x

Day 7 - hangover milder than deserved!

Thanks Buffy

Had fab night and stuck to target of 6 fags for the day (actually had allowed an extra one for when I got home but fell in door and went straight to sleep)

Hangover very mild - I remember my mum saying the hangovers were much worse when she smoked)

The rules and planning and targets etc etc are because I just couldn't believe I could go from 20 a day to zero - Needed to prove to myself I had SOME willpower BEFORE the quit date. Plus planning the cut down mean't distracting myself from thinking about the actual quit!!! Willpower and saying "NO" have never been strong points of mine!!! ;) So far so good I guess

Still scared even tho I know it's nuts. Losing the crutch prop whatever that has I feel been part of me, my personality for almost 30 years

Stupid I know all it has done is age my skin, dull my eyes, yellow my teeth, make me and my flat smell, and made me poorer than I should be feeling like a sad addict standing outside friend's houses or going to the garage in late/early hours!!! And I call myself an intelligent human being:o

Thanks for support - the site is great been reading lots of other stories. I think I'll be on it a lot!!! Guess I thought I was a lost cause that even other smokers didn't always understand - you know the sort "oh I didn't have any yesterday" "I only smoke in the evening" "had aweek off cos I had a sore throat" UH! I smoked through chest infections, flu, food poisoning and never had a day off! Except a couple of pathetic quit attempts which in the last decade never made it past 48 hours - and that was with patches, inhilator,gum, hypnosis!!!

This time I'm determined not to fail - mainly cos I don't want to have to go through the stree of having to stop again!!!:D

Thanks to all


champix day 6 - not so nauseous 6 fags

Hiyah Snotter,

I thought I was a lost cause and was worried about the champix, scared even of trying it in case it didnt help and there would be nothing left but a future of having to do something I absolutley hated forever. (Oh god i cant think about it).

Some days, like today, I would have given up stopping and would be right back on them. But whats keeping me going now is what if they dont work a second time and that your brain somehow becomes immune to the chemicals? I'm not willing to risk the experiment. I also know I am stronger than I have ever been and I cant think of a situation that would be so bad that I started smoking again.

So its day fifty something now after 20 odd years in total (deducting the years, months etc that I managed to stop in between) on about 20 a day average.

Good luck with your quit date, the side effects will settle and keep posting on here.

like talking to myself!

Hi Sharkbait

Thanks! Reading your post is like listening to myself!!!

When I got the prescription I was shaking and sweating - I had convinced myself if Champix didn't work then nothing would - just like you.

That is what is so fab about this site. People that are/were in the same boat.

I don't think that I'll be one of those who said it was easy or they didn't feel like smoking! I'm already stressing about a trip to Edinburgh - too much booze and lots of old smoking mates!:eek:

plus point will be sitting in a warm pub not standing outside in a gale like my last trip.

But I guess if I can visualise the problems then it won't take me by surprise. As someone else said you don't have to DO anything. Just not do it - should be a piece of cake

Anyway starting to believe I WILL STOP as a reality and not some vague future notion

Thanks again

Snotter - no more a lost cause! :D

Drinking is far more pleasurable without smoking:D and smaller hangovers as your mother said :D

Problem is the alcohol intake goes up as it is nicer and it's the smoking that used to send me over!

Hence my gym membership and packets of jasmine green tea in the cupboard :rolleyes:


Hello Carol,

Glad you have decided to join us! I have not taken Champix, but I would suggest lowering your dose so you are not vomiting until you can see your doctor. Lowering your dosage can not harm you and if you continue taking the dose you are on, it will not be working for you because you will vomit it out of your system.

I would make sure to see your doctor as soon as possible as you may be alleric to this medication and you may need to replace the Champix with a different aid.

Congrats on day 10!!!!!!

Champix quit day

Hi Carol

I felt VERY sick on champix but it got gradually better as I cut down to 4 or 5 cigs a day - quit day yesterday and don't feel sick today just can't stop thinking about cigarettes !

For symptoms I found fresh ginger in boiling water (made a flask and sipped it all day) And another post swears by ginger beer.

Maybe you could try pill splitting before giving up - take 1/2 tablet 4 times a day. Or 1/2 tablet twice a day till you speak to doctor/nurse -

Not sure that milk is a good idea for everyone as it feels nice to line the stomach but lactic acid in milk can upset a delicate stomach even more. Lots and lots of water and herbal tea mint, camomile are the most gentle and calming on the stomach

Good luck

Thanks to the rest of you for your support - I'm over to the day one posts for some tips and moral support - not even 24 hours and I'm miserable!


Welcome Carol x x x x

Well Done on the decision to quit x x

Think Snotter pretty much covered everything there :D

Heya snotter x x

Don't forget to keep busy and jump up and change what you are doing totally when things get real tough x x

Change your mind set don't get caught up in that awful cycle :(

Low bit is 'orrible but a forced smile can even help sometimes x x

youtube for clips of things that have made me laugh in the past helps me too.

~Buffy x x

This is really tough!

Hi Buffy

Last fag at 9pm last night - was wide awake till 5 am - HELL! -just stressed out about stopping I guess.

Today I'm supposed to be working from home and have achieved almost nothing. Feel vague, twitchy, forgetful and haven't gone more than a couple of minutes without thinking about smoking. :(

Have a list of lots of little jobs to do each lasting a few minutes which I planned to do when the craving came but it's not like that - just one long constant craving. I thought I was prepared for this but so much worse than expected

Couple of times I've forgotten and got up to light a cigarette. Then remembered and I could cry!!!

Cutting down on Champix was easy but stopping is as hard as ever.

I'm wearing my pjs to prevent a weak run for the door to tescos express (give me a couple of minutes dressing time to talk myself out of it)

Dangerously situated 2 minutes down the road and open 6am - 11pm. Yikes!

Lots of Champix users seem to have found it quite easy - anyone else find it VERY hard? Day 2 - better or worse?:confused:

Any tips gratefully received - already chewed my way through plastic toothpick and now got empty inhalator in my gob.

Cheers Snotter

Day 1 hell

Buy another plastic toothpick:D

It does get better, honest:) Stick with it.

It's worth it and so are you!

don't trust myself to go out today!

Thanks Steve

WHEN does it get better!

Just decided that not smoking is less unbearable than the thought of going through these last hours again. So not having to stop again is my biggest motivation.

I'm useless today - spilt coffee and juice over my desk. Keep having to double check things. I thought that by cutting back first the nicotine withdrawal wouldn't be so bad - so I guess it's psychological/habit

Anyway not getting dressed, not leaving house today - don't think I'm strong enough to avoid temptation right now. Got nurse appointment tomorrow am for next 2 weeks of Champix and a chat. Then I'm going to buy a fake fag, cinnamin sticks, liquorice and anything else I can think of

See you on day 2!


Snotter x x x x

Cry all you like don't hold back :D

Good for taking on board all the advice and going with it :D hope something in there helps you heaps x x

Just decided that not smoking is less unbearable than the thought of going through these last hours again. So not having to stop again is my biggest motivation.

This is a point I have raised before,

The best way to stop quitting is to not smoke :D

It's a good mantra hold on too it!!

I do hope you feel betterer soon x x

~Buffy x x

Snotter, you are doing brilliantly, keep with the thought that this WILL work. Try not to have negative thoughts (hard I know). One day at a time, all you have to do tomorrow is not smoke tomorrow.

Stopping smoking is a major change for your body, it is bound to feel 'different' whether or not champix is involved. You will settle down very very soon.

Get all the help you can, people (smokers) have laughed at me for smoking a plastic cigarette. **** em I say, it helped me.

When you see your no smoking nurse tomorrow your co2 levels will be vastly reduced - after only 1 day!

A change of mindset helps like buffy said , dont think about failing, you are not going to.

stay strong x

Best I felt all day!

Thanks Buffy

Strangely the longest i have gone all day without mad cravings is reading about smoking!!!

Given up on work for the day - must try harder tomorrow!

Hopefully be knackered enough to get a decent sleep tonight - the hour before dawn is hard - but at least tescos is closed

Long soak in the bath with a good book and early to bed should keep me out of trouble this evening :)

Then day 2

Thanks again


a bit more hopeful

Thanks Sharkbait

I'm buying that plastic cigarette tomorrow - let the smokers laugh as they stand outside in all weather! I might even get a retro ciggie holder and make a feature of it;)

Hoping for a little bit of good news from the nurse as I cut down quite dramatically over the last 10 days - to be honest the slight cough in the morning has virtually gone and eyes a little brighter and tongue/mouth feels healthier.....BUT if there was tobacco/cigarettes in the house I'm not sure I would resist

Cancelled a night out tomorrow - weather forecast is quite good (sitting outside) and most smokers. Don't think I'm quite ready for that!

See you all on day 2 :D

THANKS Snotterxxx

Hey snotter x x

If you canceled tomorrow you should join us here :D

We have a quiz and a good laugh x x x x

We kick off at around 9pm

~Buffy x x

Light. Great Light

That's what Maximus Lucious means (you have to go back to one of the first posts - and it's taken me til now to catch up!!)

just so ya know

Well done on staying super strong !!! Good job !!


I'm so glad I've found you all :) I start Champix on Wednesday and have had real difficulty finding a support site with Champix users.

It's good to hear all your feedback about the different side effects and how to deal with them. I'm scared and excited all rolled in to one. I've tried EVERYTHING to try and give up smoking .. and now I feel really positive that this will help me.

I guess I shouldn't be posting on 'Day 1' as mine isn't till Sept 19th .. but just wanted to say 'hi' and thank you for making me feel better :)

Take care


U can post wherever u like!!!!

Welcome to the best decision you've ever made!!!

This site is great for support and there are lots of champix users around, and many like you, posted before their quit day.

Best of luck in your quit!!

Hello Ali x x

Welcome on board x x

I am glad you sound so very positive about your quit :D

Champix had worked wonders for many!!

Take this time till your quit date to really motivate your self!

Think of lots of new things you can do with your new found time and money!!

Keep posting

~Buffy x x

ah ha

found you ali

I saw your post earlier and then promptly lost you

there you are phew

welcome to the forum

we will support you all the way, we are glad you have found us too because we want you to succeed :)

I know that feeling!!

If you leave new posts for a while they vanish :eek:

You have to go dig 'em out manualy tutz :rolleyes:

Pain that is :D


maybe it is because we are a bit dizzy Buff

well you

not me

erm shall i shut up:rolleyes:


Ahem :rolleyes:

I'm so glad I've found you all :) I start Champix on Wednesday and have had real difficulty finding a support site with Champix users.

It's good to hear all your feedback about the different side effects and how to deal with them. I'm scared and excited all rolled in to one. I've tried EVERYTHING to try and give up smoking .. and now I feel really positive that this will help me.

I guess I shouldn't be posting on 'Day 1' as mine isn't till Sept 19th .. but just wanted to say 'hi' and thank you for making me feel better :)

Take care


Hi Ali and Welcome!!

You can write where ever you want :D When you start day 1 we will all be rooting for you. You can do it...we are all here right behind you to give you a boost when you are in need. Great decision to quit...see you on Sept. 19th.

Thank you all so much for such a lovely welcome :) I don't think I've seen such a supportive site before.

I am feeling really motivated this time .. reading these posts and the fact my husband is giving up as well will make things less difficult.

Hope you all have a good day.

Take care



Positivity and motivation and a quit buddy :D

Your off to a good start Ali x x

Best of luck and keep us all posted!!

~Buffy x x

Hi I am new to the site and just found it by accident when looking up on the web for "problems with Champix".

I am on my 4th week of taking Champix and day 22 of not smoking. I can't believe that I could have given up on this drug and not known about other people going through similar problems and joys (not smoking)!!!!!!!!

In my first two weeks I couldn't sleep properly so started to have a glass or two of wine to help me, this didn't really work so I tried herbal sleeping pills - WOW big mistake. First night really bad nightmare, got up went to the loo and convinced my husband there was a fish in the toilet, he came down put the light on and I could see........there was no fish in the toilet!! Second night my nightmare didn't end when I woke up, I was hallucinating that I was seeing snakes on the ceiling and it took a good 5 minutes to see that it was just shadows on the ceiling from the lights outside, again another sleepless night for me and my hubby. Since stopping the sleeping pills the nightmares have stopped.

My only problem is my temper, it comes from no where. I feel i am so angry all the time.........has anyone else had this problem???? People at work are saying I don't seem my usual cheery self, that's putting it mildly.........I don't want to smoke I just don’t know why I am so angry. I didn't have my pill tonight as I feel like I am a non smoker now and don’t really need them twice a day but if there is anyone out there with advice I would welcome it.

Welcome meme and congratulations!!

day 22 :D

I am sorry to hear about those dreams :eek:

And the anger thing is apparent in quite a few quit cases,

There have been a few posts recently.

Try a forum search for 'Anger' or 'Angry'

maybe a herbal stress pill can help, all chemists have the popular brands and usually a cheaper own brand.

Just ask in store for calming or stress free pills, you can usually find them with the vitamins and tonics.

I hope this helps.

The emotional change when quitting is quite often overlooked.

It will Pass with time x x x x

Good Luck, stay strong and keep us posted

~Buffy x x

Hi Buffy

Thanks for the reply. I will go and look for the anger bit on this site.

I went to the chemist and was told not to take herbal pills, especially sleeping pills, with Champix AFTER taking them for 2 days. The pharmacist didn't seem to know too much about it as it is so new, this was a smaller chemist so maybe a larger high street chain chemist would know more? I will give them a go tomorrow, thanks for the tip.

One other thing that I do now is forget things, or forget what I was saying stuff like that. My husband thinks it's funny but I find it embarrassing - will this pass. Has anyone else had this side effect??

Cotton wall Brain :D

Yes common and will pass x x

Except in my case 'cos I have always been like that lol

There are homeopathic remedies available too, check in a health food shop too for these things!!

I know this whole champix thing is new to everyone!!

Maybe The calming herbal remidies may be better?!

I think a 'High Street Store' is probably best bet.

Try a Health food store too x x

Hi meme 1967,

I am on day 40 of not smoking with champix and I had terrible mood swings to start with, I would be really snappy for no reason but I am alot better now.

As for the forgetting things, well I am terrible, I can't remember anything, I write a list for shopping and nearly always forget to take it with me, the other day I had a dentist appointment and remembered in the morning and completely forgot about it by the afternoon. I think this is one of the worst side effects for me as I have alot to remember at work and sometimes I just stand there and think what have I forgotten to do!

I started taking one pill a day at about the same time as you but did find that after a few days i would get slightly worse cravings so I tend to take one a day for a few days and then occasionally take two if I feel the need.

Well done for getting this far on your quit on your own, this forum has really helped me coz everyone supports each other.

Good Luck,

Befly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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