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Day 5 - Another forum newbie!

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Hi all!

I've been reading the forum for a few days and thought it was about time I got stuck in!

About me - I smoked for the last 25 years and have tried giving up on numerous occasions (will-power, gum) but could never make it stick. During my annual "MOT" the nurse said, "of course, the best thing you could do would be to book an appointment with the smoking cessation nurse but you've got to do it when you're ready". That was in January. Last week I made the appointment and saw the lovely Elaine. Last fag at midnight last Friday.

And it's Day 5 and all is pretty good! Using patches at the moment which are definitely helping and have got an inhalator so I've got something to do with my hands - I seem to be playing with it or chewing it most of the time rather than inhaling!

Just wanted to say that I've spent quite a bit of time reading through the various threads and it's been really helpful so thank you to everybody who takes the time to contribute to this forum. Hopefully I'll be able to add something positive as the days and weeks go by.

Thanks for reading. Phil.

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Welcome to the site Phil, and congratulations on making a very good decision - and getting five days in. That's fab, that is!

It can be done, this quitting lark. And this forum is a HUGE help. Onwards and upwards!

Helen x

Pappy H newie +5

Hello Pappy H well done on your quit so far. Like yourself I decided this smoking addiction had to go on medical grounds. Myself I smoked for some 41/42 years and it took a heavy duty medical issue to bring me to my senses.Basically I was admitted with chest pains to one of the local hospitals here in Glasgow and kept in for 2 days whist they tried to establish what the problem was.

To cut a long story short after further extensive tests via the out papients dept I was diagnosed with angina. However on day 2 of my stay in hospital a young lady called to see me on the ward,yes it was the smoking cessation adviser.So on my discharge I enrolled on a 8 session/one evening per week smoking cessation course. After listening to the medics I decided to do whatever was asked of me in order to stop smoking. So date wih the aid of the course,patchs and a desire to quit I was 13 weeks, yes one quarter of year nicotine free wondering why I smokedin the first place

So hang on nin there Pappy H

Michael a.k.a:-lefoy123 inGlasgow

Hey well done on your quit Pappy and welcome to the great on here lots of support.Im on wk 5 with the help of patches they are working really well for me..xx:D:D

Adding my 'voice' to the welcomes, Phil...and congrats to your 5 days quittage.

Keep on read, read, reading and educate yourself into freedom from the slavery of nicotine.


Thank you all for your kind words. Nearly a week already although I do seem to be coughing a lot today which is a little annoying...

Well done Phil,keep it up hun.

Joanie x

Well done to you.....and yes coughing is very irratating, good luck with the quits to all,x Jay x

This evening was quite tricky.

I work in "entertainment", running quiz nights and discos and stuff so much of my work is in pubs. Where they put me on a Thursday evening for my Quiz Night is right by the door to the smoking area so I had the whole evening with people wandering by with fags already in mouth just waiting to light up when they got outside. I don't think I was seriously tempted but I guess I am so used to walking through that door myself that it seemed strange not to be following.

Still, I had my "I don't do that anymore" head on so we are cool, good people, we are cool.

Midnight Friday and it's seven days...

ps. thank you Joan and Jay for your messages, much appreciated!

well done Pappy H

don't worry about smelling smoke from the smoking area, I quite like the smell of a new cig, I also like the smell of petrol but I wouldn't drink it. keep up the good work. :)

Well done Pappy h, you are doing great, :)

and it's a week tonight.........big pat on yer back......I'm catching u up mines 5 days,

Jay x

Thanks, Jay. 3 more hours and I complete the first week!

Today has been surprisingly difficult, not sure why, probably because I'm tired...

Hey ho, onwards and sideways, I'm still good... :)

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