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Hi from a mad 50 year old who's doing whatever it takes

You'll probably all get to know me soon - I do tend to chat and chat and chat incessantly to anyone who'll listen about my musings on the challenge and fascination that is stopping smoking! I have always had a tendency to over analyse everything, and my quit is no different. I'm curious, interested, frustrated and often completely bemused by the whole process - and I hope it is a process that ends with my one day realising I'm not a smoker any more. Anyway - hello all. I'm 2 weeks in, have cheated on alot of occasions over that time (this forum is the ONLY place I've admitted that to btw - so keep it to yourselves!) But, despite the cheats, I do believe I'm stopping. I was on 40 a day for 35 years, so 3 puffs every few days is good going isn't it???? Oh, also use an e-cig when I absolutely have to get some work done . . . .

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40 a day for 35 years - wow. What an amazing quit you have going on Kath. Are those few cheeky puffs on a normal smoke or on the e-cig?


They're on a normal smoke :(


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