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Hello old friends, and congratulations to those who have done what I am going to do

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Well... here is the scoop... after not smoking for so long, I had a few cigars. These were on weekends... then every weekend... then it turned into smokes again when cigars tasted bad... then i was hiding the smokes from my girlfriend... and was still up until right before I started writing this. She knew of the cigars, but not the smokes. Here is the problem.. she told me the other day that she gave up on me... figures i'm going to be smoking things for the rest of my life due to my addictive personallity. Heres where I figure I went wrong... I thought a few puffs wouldn't hurt. I left the forum. I gave up on all my friends here. I gave up exercising.

0500 AM... this 17th day of october, 2007... I have just ripped a half pack in half in anger. Please forgive me for going back to the dark side. I am now starting my hell week again. I can do it this time. I will not leave here, I will not take a puff, I will not keep secrets and I will stand by my conviction to rid myself of the habit for good. Cold Turkey once again, as I handled it for so long last time. Well, hello again friends, I should never have left.


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Welcome home viking tis so good to here from you x x x x

Albeit under the circumstances, you have done so well before and that will do nothing more than make it so much easier this time!

Hiding smoking and feeling bad for it isn't much fun x x x

Worry not about letting us down! silly x x

You haven't done bad at all, your right back here and going again!

You have still achieved so much and are more than capable of achieving so much more!

You remember feeling proud, happy and smoke free at the same time

We are all here for you x x x x x

And you should be very proud and hold your head high

Rock on the Vike ;)

~Buffy x x

Hello Viking and well done for coming back!!!

I think all of us can relate to that story - i once quit for 5 months, then had one, then every weekend, then hiding it from everyone, then back to smoking as much as ever.

It proves that it is a nasty addiction when you hide it from the ones you love the most.

I'm hoping this time i'll stay strong and this forum is a large part of it. It the 'real' world, people forget that you've stopped smoking and even if you remind them, they don't appreciate what a huge achievement it is.

Visiting here regulary lets you show off and boast about how great you are doing when no one else wants to listen.

And there are always lots of newbies around to support and remind you how far you have come.

Wishing you lots of luck for your new quit - stay strong!!!!!

Hi Viking,

Its great to hear that you are back on track.

I am new to this forum but wish you the best success in quitting...

From the sounds of it, you sound more determined than ever...

Heres to hating the world.

Worst day in a long time... here we go :) Just woke up, and of course had to remind myself of what i've done. Its go time.

Hey Viking. Don't worry. Once you have been a non smoker - being a smoker again just doesn't cut it anymore and you can't wait to quit again. You'll realise how much better you felt (and smelled!) and it'll make you more determined than ever to quit! I know - I've been there! Good luck and Stay Strong.

ps Nothing to do with smoking but our friend on here NoSmoke 4 me is also from Canada - so you'll have someone to converse with in the wee small hours while us Brits are going beddybyes!


I'm taking a mulligan.

Terrible day to start something that makes me so angry. Drivers cutting me off, dvd player went to poop, internet going buggy, things were a mess at work. Definetely taking a mulligan... new start time is 0600h, October 18th, 2007. I'm not leaving the bath today. Here goes the real day 1.

Aw *hugs*

I hate getting cut up :mad: haven't driven in years now, much less stress :D

DVD player!! arrrgrgghhhhh:eek: Replace it immediately! :D hehe

Right behind you vike x x

Good luck x x

~Buffy x x

I want to fix something I wrote earlier.

Please read my post before this one too... I took a mulligan. Anywho... I wrote "Girlfriend" in the first post... That should have been Fiance... not used to it yet, only happened a few days ago :p I plan to marry this girl smoke free with no secrets. Despite the fact that I love her with all my heart, she really did hurt me by telling me she gave up on me quitting, and that she figures i'll be smoking things forever. Its all I've been thinking about. I also want you all to know that i'll be posting as often as I can... as I have noone close to me for support. I live alone, work with smokers, and my fiance is in another country still. Since yesterday, I have fixed myself up with lots of coffee... sunflower and pumpkin seeds, random things to break in the backyard, and have posted a really disgusting picture on my desktop... which will go down by day two i'm sure, eww. She is right that I have an addictive personallity, I have had to quit things before. Nothing has come back to haunt me like smoking. I'm almost in tears right now, as its 7 am, an hour ago I got off the midnight shift, and i'm trying to get in the mindset of no more mulligans before I sleep, while thinking of her words. I know its been said to pick your quit day... mine will have to be the day after that day, which is today if that makes any sense. My new signature is my oath to myself. I am doing this for noone else. I battle these demons cold turkey with only my friends here for support. I believe i'll be continuing this thread as soon as I wake up. Rambling seems to help. Take care all, and good luck with your quits. I'm so glad boudee and buffy are still here :)

Aw vike!!!!


:D aw can't wait for the wedding pics ahhhhhh I love a wedding!!

Aw shucks :o glad your here too x x x x x x x x x

Aw vike!!!!


aw can't wait for the wedding pics ahhhhhh I love a wedding!!

Aw shucks :o glad your here too x x x x x x x x x

hey buffy!!

i've got an idea!!

i like a good wedding as well:D (they'll be wwwwine there:cool: ) should we buy a hat do u think???;)


Yes!! Ooooh yes :D a ten gallon hat to hold the wine in !! hehehehehe

im awake

Figure I should be keeping myself busy for the rest of the day, so i'm going to mow the lawn, clean the house, do the dishes, go grocery shopping, etc. Its a beautiful day to be smoke free.

Sorry if I'm being as thick as pigsh*t, but what's a mulligan? :o

Sorry if I'm being as thick as pigsh*t, but what's a mulligan? :o

A Mulligan is a term taken from the sport of Golf.

It means if you have a "bad shot" you "take a mulligan" and reshoot it without taking a penalty stroke for it. Usually only allowed once per 18 holes (if allowed at all that is) :p

A Mulligan is a term taken from the sport of Golf.

It means if you have a "bad shot" you "take a mulligan" and reshoot it without taking a penalty stroke for it. Usually only allowed once per 18 holes (if allowed at all that is) :p

Is that similar to 'being munsoned' (from 'Kingpin'):D

Heart attack central !

Dude, It doesn't matter that you've fallen off the wagon - what matters is that you've picked yourself up and got back on, that's the important bit !!

Well done for keeping quitting ! Prove your fiancee (and everyone else) wrong. The next time you feel like a cig, think of the guy that I work with, who yesterday had a MASSIVE heart attack in the office - and got rushed to hospital to have another 2. He's hanging on by a thread. He was of the "it would never happen to me" clan - and took the p1ss out of me when I stopped at the start of August. Look who's laughing now.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not glad that he's suffering. I'm just glad that I've reduced the chance of me having one. Especially as I was with him as he went through the first one. "MASSIVE". It's not often you hear doctors say that. And when they do, they don't often say it twice.

Think on, fella. You can have a future - or you can have a cigarette.

It's not rocket science. 'specially with you getting married.


MAX!!!!!!!!!!!! *mwha* hows mrs sharkbait x x

Oh my thats awful!! Jesus I hope he comes through x x x x

Reckon he would be happy to eat all the humble pie if he can make it through.

Must of been a shock for you too x x

Great to see you

~Buffy x x

He'll make it !

Aha, just when you thought it was safe to read these posts - I'm back (or should that be "We"?)

We got through the whole holiday smoke free !! We're both gobsmacked - but dead chuffed !!

Yeah the guy I work with really took a big one, full on!! It was quite sound to watch (I've seen plenty of medical drama when I was in t'Army) but it isn't something you'd wanna queue up for! It definately smarted a shade. He looked like a polar bear with blue lips by the time the ambulance turned up. He wasn't best pleased.

It broke up the day nicely for the rest of us though. I'm sure he'll be alright. I think he just wanted some time off - and he's used up all of his holiday!

Great to see so many people doing so well on here though. It's the first time I've had chance to get on since I've been back. Nice to see that the stalwarts are still hanging in there !!


'er indoors is on the case

Sharkbait has quite literally been just that "Sharkbait". Just you wait til you see the pics that she's got from under the water......

and the ones of us in the jungle (it's a jungle out there)

We had a minter - but the photo's are MENTAL !!

And as for the video footage - it's just unbelievable. I won't bore you with the details now - but do watch out for the finished article !!

Ooooh I can't wait x x x x x x

It's just bedlam

Some of the photo's that er indoors has taken have really impressed me !! There's sharks in their hundreds, just swimming past or having a nosey !

There are some really really good underwater ones - and there are some absolute crackers from our land-based adventures !!

I've been mithering her all week to get them done - but there's been so much sport on since we got back, that I haven't been able to help out as much as normal...............................

(I don't doubt I'll get a slap for that later!):D

(Mind you, it has a certain appeal.........................:p)


You sound like that fella out of the 'wkd' ad!!


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