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Stopped after 38 years

I am an old hard smoker and been smoking 40 a day for 37 years

After a doctor' s visit and been warned that I am suffering of CAOD (Chronic airway obstructive decease) caused by tobacco smoke i decided to quit.

So, with the aid of Champix I started and after day 3 I was down to 7 cig's a day.

Now on day 21 and would maybe have 1 for the day.

Hope to stop totally by day 30.

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Hi Hercu :)

Great that you've made the decision to quit - it's never too late to reap benefits, I believe. I haven't used champix, but there are people here that did/are, who can probably be really helpful!

Seems to me that it's great that you have a plan, though. Bet you're already surprised that you've got down to one a day.

Good luck and welcome aboard :) x


Hello, a great decision to quit, your body will keep on thanking you, over and over.

Seems you have a good plan, please keep updating your progress.

Great to have you with us


Welcome Heru :) Congratulations on your decision to quit. Keep us posted :)


Hercu your going to be an inspiration too many others. We're all beind you and sending you strength and positive vibes.


Hi Hercu :) you're doing great ! sending lots of strength and best wishes your way


Hi hercu

Welcome hercu you gave joined a lot of will quit people. Some have been diagnosed with something smoke related but you know it's never to late to quit, you are doing so well, you can do this I believe we can all do this, again well done keep posting your updates


Welcome Hercu, and congratulations on your reduction. That is a substantial reduction. One of the very best decisions you can make. Champix has helped me enormously.


Thank you for all the best wishes and support.

I am on day 26 on Champix and my target was to stop completely on day 30.

On day 24 there was no crave any more and for 2 days now without any cigarette.

Now just need to keep my hands busy because i found myself reaching for my top pocket where I used to carry my cigarettes.


Hi and welcome. I quit after 48 years of smoking so I guess it's never too late to give up. I don't suppose we can ever undo all the harm we've caused but I know I feel so much better for not smoking now and I'm certainly richer which in itself has the benefit of having money for treats I couldn't afford as a smoker that has vastly improved my life. It was a struggle at first but not so much now. You can do this


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