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Cold Turkey after 38 yrs smoking

Wow I'm 50 and given up smoking............harder than bringing up my 3 kids.

Been off ciggies since February 7th and off Electronic ciggies since April 15th this year.

Been having trouble with post nasal drip, indigestion, lethargy, exhaustion and now I seem to be suffering with depression and anxiety..........I thought giving up smoking was supposed to be good for me? Anyone else having or had the same symptoms as me?

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Hi Wendy, and congratulations on being a non-smoker. And well done to you on getting this far; it is quite and achievement. I can sympathise with you completely. I'm 55 and have smoked for most of the last 40 years. I used champix, which really helped but have now stopped that completely. As we are all individuals I don't have exactly the same as you, but I do have sniffles most of the time, more like a light summer cold. My main concern is my lung capacity which does not seem to have improved at all since stopping on March 6th, and if anything my chest is noticeably tighter. I'm doing a running programme and this is impacting on that. Depression and anxiety I have suffered from on occasion anyway, whether I smoked or not, but I think we certainly 'mourn' cigarettes as it's a very powerful addiction. You have come a long way in being stopped, so this is no longer about the excitement of stopping, looking forward to the health benefits, the clean smells etc. This is now reality for the rest of our lives if we never smoke again, and that can be hard to accept. I have certainly felt that, and still do. No more game playing; this is for real and for ever.

However, the benefits of not smoking are there. Before I stopped I had bronchitis, a hacking cough each morning and starting to waken me during the night, chest infections, I stank of smoke, my eyes were pinky-red at times. I certainly could not run any distance more than to catch a bus. I would also think that my circulation is now better, my cholesterol has fallen to within acceptable limits. And finally, hopefully I won't die from a massive smoking related heart attack as my father did on Christmas Eve.

I am sure, Wendy, if you look back, reflect on this, you will find some of these benefits too. I haven't become superman as a result of not smoking, and frequently, have said to people, 'I don't feel any different'. I think it's not true. Nic the monster is just fooling us.

Don't go back to smoking. even if it's just to have a fuller purse.


Thanks so much for replying :)

I had myself a mini melt down this morning and decided work wasnt going to happen. Curled up on the sofa having a good old fashioned cry and mourn just about everything.

I will keep reading what you have written and i promise there is no going back to the nasty ciggies


You're welcome.

Well, good for you. To be honest I have had a couple of those days. One I did drag myself into work for, and it was alright once I go there. And last week I had another - yep, even at coming up to 15 weeks as it was then (don't worry, I don't feel like that all the time since stopping!) - and I didn't go in, called in sick. I didn't feel any better for not going in, but sometimes these things are just needed. I'm no longer doing the very early nights that I was up to 6+ weeks ago, and I mean really early like 8pm. Quite a few folks on here have done that one.

Breathing helps, even breathing as if you were having a cigarette, and the NOPE mantra, again, and again, and again. You can do this. there are bad, then there are breakthroughs. You can do this.


I did want to sleep all the time a couple of weeks after giving up......I was on e cigs and feeling soooooo ill but I carried on going in to work because I just dont like to take time off lol, saying that my boss didnt seem to care so this time I thought bugger ya do.

Im not sure whether i am classified as giving up in Feb or April, its only cold turkey since April but i was definitely getting pretty rotten withdrawals from Feb while on the e cig.

How early were your early nights? I have tried to stick to my usual time tho my body it seems likes to greet 5am whatever time i go to bed lol. I slept all the time initially then i went to not being able to sleep and now i get to sleep and stay asleep until 5am......crazy hey

Airwaves chewing gum and deep breathing is kinda good :)

Are you having more good days than bad now? You are doing amazing and even better at helping pathetic complainers like me....again i thank you


This is an amazing post for me WendyDiana - I too am using e-cigs and they don;t quite cut it for me either. I thought they would :( I restrict how much I use them but am so torn - have I given up or not if I still use an e-cig? I know health wise I must be bteer - and actually can see some mega health benefits already and it's only been 2 weeks - but I'm still addicted aren't I???? Confused!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just reckon it's important we learn, or remember, to be forgiving of ourselves through this process. Our behaviours can change, we have to be easy on ourselves, like for me, the eating, especially the sweet stuff, and the wine. The feeling pretty shitty, although with the champix I didn't feel it that much apart from the early days.............and again when I stopped the champix, about three weeks ago.

I haven't tried the e-cigs, but anything that helps people through. Everyone I have come across on here who has used start counting their smoke-free days from when they stop the actual cigarettes, and I would do that as I would if I was on patches; again, I wasn't. So I would go for a stop date of February 7th, which puts you a month ahead of me!!

I think my earliest nights were 8.30pm on a couple of occasions, and in order to ensure I did actually go to sleep I had I think 3 glasses of red wine (actually, that makes a bottle; I'm trying to cushion my shame). I was finding those days very difficult indeed, but have not had one for weeks now. I have become easier on myself with lie-ins as I was a relatively early riser, and at last that's coming back a little. But it certainly does mess with our sleep.

I'm generally having more good days than bad, yes. But, twice in the last 3 weeks I've had a particularly bad day. I don't know where they came from or why. Last Thursday for example was one. I didn't come on here as I thought I would get worse, but that's probably incorrect. I was anxious, slept poorly, thought I wanted to smoke, but didn't. The next day I was fine.

If I were in your position, I would pop into the month 4 and 5 room to say hello and introduce your situation there, and you'll stay there until you enter into your sixth month, which I think is the 6th July. And that's where you'll celebrate having stopped for 6 months, eventually.

Just look how far you've come already. Doing so very well. Stay with it :cool:


Unfortunately I don't drink......I often wish I could find something I like but apart from Lambrini I am a cheap date.......and a good driver according to my partner lol.

I'm not so sure taking Champix, patches or e cigs are the best idea for giving up personally because you seem to have to go through withdrawal twice......just my humble opinion.

Theres no shame in drinking yourself into a slight stuper for a couple of weeks if it helps you sleep lol...

I dont often feel I need a ciggy, I just feel awful.

You really are doing well, really well and I do hope you are proud of yourself :)

I am going to see if i can get in to the month 4 and 5 room..........only joined yesterday with lots of help from my daughter adn she isnt here to guide me at the moment .....typical computer illiterate woman


I have loved every moment of my sofa day Karri :) I am trawling through this site and boy its helpful x


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