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After a year


Hello everyone.

I am sorry to be here after a struggle for a year I started to smoke again I would say on and off for a month not every day or all day but never the less I have.

I feel really down about it I keep saying won't have one today but yesterday only had 2 today hope will have none.

I feel all the effort made was a lie and I always knew that I would go back,actually that is not altogether true.Plenty of times I could see I wouldn't want to smoke again.

Anyone any tips



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Hey Terry

Really sorry you're feeling so down - but you shouldn't feel too bad. You are trying to beat one of the hardest addictions there is and it is going to be bloody tough.

Although I haven't broken my quit - there have been plenty of times when it would have been so easy so I do get in part, what it has been like for you.

Have you tried Champix? Or NRT? Personally I think Champix is great - but it is not for everyone. But having something like that - or NRT - might just help you through the tough times.

My only other tip would be to not be too tough on yourself. Right now, at this very moment, you are not smoking - and that is all that matters. What happens in 1/2 hour or 1 day can be dealt with then - what counts is that RIGHT now at this very moment in time you are not smoking (well I am assuming you're not anyway) - and all is good. It's just about taking little, weeny steps...and of course use this forum!

Good luck ... you will get there in the end!


Hi Terry

Firstly well done for how far you have for any tips I think the answer is in your signature:

As I hit 60 I really do not want to end up fighting for ever breath of air.

I want to see my grandchildren grow up.

Most of all I want to take care of MYSELF at last.

Keep positive and remember why you wanted to stop in the first place, maybe a little lozenger will help instead of a smellie ciggie.

Good luck let us know how you get on :D


Am going to stop

Really trying just had my last cig washed my hair and had a shower good riddance I don't want to go there I will do it this time.

Hi Tell I know where your at been there myself. If you REALLY want to quit again doit as soon as u can.your lungs should be reasonably clear after 12 months, if you carry on smoking they will soon become nackered and you might get a full blown addiction as well as probably feeling like a loser with all of those unpleasant emotions that go with that.

In my experience a good tip is to revisit your reasons for quitting. take it one day at a time. see it as a gift to yourself and not a sacrifice.

Use whatever crutches you need . patches . inhalators. hypnotherapy champix or whatever .

the sooner you do it the easier it is.Practise makes permanent quitting or smoking. make the only right choice dont stay with a failed quit, that is real failure. be a winner and give it a good go. wake up on xmas morning knowing youve given yourself the best present ever....:cool:

Mash x

One day at a time

Woke up feeling very positive just a corner of me doubting my ability to do it.

I just feel that I can't but will continue this moment not to smoke.

I need a phrase or mantra I can say when I feel the cravings coming any ideas?

Hey Terry, how you doing today???


Hi Sarah

Still not smoked today hard but no I try and tale 3 deep breaths and smile hoping that will do it


Well done you :D

Keep positive and smiling, you can do this


Keep going tell, one 'no' at a time.

It seems to be harder but perhaps I am making it harder don't know thanks for support

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