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As of 6:00pm this evening I reached the Month 2 room. 31 days. It's going well, although I still generally feel I'm missing something much of the time and having to take deep long breaths. I think that missing is the habit, as I don't feel tetchy or fidgety, but I still have a sense it would be easy to smoke. Maybe that never goes away for some people. I have saved £300 which helps; that's a 20 a day £9 a day habit. I'm still taking the champix, but think this coming Friday might be my last prescription; that was my downfall two years ago. I know what to expect this time though. And, I meeting milestones and trigger points are not triggering me. Long drives without having to pull off motorways every hour, alcohol, stresses at work and home, taking breaks without a fag (that's a really difficult one for me). I know I have to be vigilant still. If I become too laid back, I think there's a chink in my armour.

​An added incentive is the 10k run I've registered to do in mid-July. That's quite a challenge as I've never run that far. I've really got to pull something out of the bag for this, but I will complete it, even if I have to crawl. My breathing is so much easier now and I just would not be able too run any distance whilst still smoking.

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  • Congratulations on reaching month 2. I know exactly what you mean about the feeling of missing something, I feel the same. It's a strange feeling because I know that it's just a feeling and that I'm not missing anything rather have gained so much. I hope this feeling goes soon. Were doing ok though I know we'll win this time.

  • Wow just amazing into month 2 , a huge congratulations from me, and of course it's going to take a while for you to feel more comfortable on you quit, nicotine is indeed a massive addictin.

    But your show who's bods, brilliant just keep going

  • Thanks very much folks. Ever onward :D

  • Despite the difficulties you keep winning. Well done and you are a great help to us all on here x

  • Thanks Ann Marie. And likewise, people here really help, especially when those despondent times hit!

  • Welcome to your new room, walkabout!

    10k, I don't think I could face it! I was thinking about signing up for a 5k though - you're tougher than me, big respect :)

    Well done you, and enjoy your second month (the missing feeling will pass, I'm sure!) x

  • Have you heard of Park Run? I'm registered for my local one, but haven't done yet; every Saturday morning all over the country. Once I get to 5k with the C25K I'll go and do one. How's your C25K going?

  • It rings a vague bell walkabout - I might look into it, thanks!

    I've just finished week 4 on C25K, it's getting tougher now the sun's coming warmer, but I'm really enjoying it. That said, it's easier to enjoy exercise when I'm on school holidays, it'll be harder next week when I'm back at work.

    How's yours?

  • Good stuff walkabout to sign up for a 10k. Have you started training yet?, and if so have you got a buddy to train with?

  • Yes, started training, into wk 2 of the 5k runner app. No buddy this time. Just me, the App and music :0)

  • Ah, here's the answer to my question above! Walkabout, do you do yours on set days? Mine's been pretty random, and I've done every other day during the holidays, more or less, so am getting through weeks faster...I guess that's ok!

  • Well, this is the second time I've done it. The first time I virtually completed it..........but didn't! That time and this I've stuck with 3 times a week, and sometimes when I have difficulty doing alternate days I've done two days in a row. My recovery time might be a bit longer than yours due to your youth!

    However, I reckon if it's not taking a toll on you by doing the whole thing quicker than the 8 weeks, that's okay. I'm registered on the site, which I use for all my physical activity - I like the competition element! - and I'm in one group called C25K. The consensus there is that the programme is only a guide, particularly for those very new new to running or very unfit/carrying excess weight, and it should be approached at a rate that suits each of us.

    Phew, that was a long-winded answer! I reckon if you're not getting aches, pains and feeling good, you should carry on as you are.................and move onto the 10k App very soon!?! Yes?

  • Starting Life and'll be thinking I'm going a bit crazy. Honest the post above was not showing for a good length of time so I messaged Incy 1:1. There seem to be problems with the site for me today. Including the BHF moderator message about the cessation specialist; I can't see any facility for us to ask questions!

  • 10k! Oh my! Month 2, how time flies......massive well done :) x

  • Thanks very much everyone for the continued support. It really helps.

    I might have bitten off more than I can chew for the 10k. I'm doing it with a group of friends, some of who are seasoned marathon runners and some who are not but who have all done 5k before. Running with them - or some way behind them - will be good for me, and will give me support. And I do want to save face by 1) doing as well as I can and 2) not having started smoking again. There are 3 ex-smokers in the group. I've gotten to 4k so far on my couch to 5k App. And this evening I'll be starting quit day 34. With the running combined with the quit I'm enjoying a selection (a large selection) of culinary delights including chocolate, muffins, sweets etc. which are helping with the Missing (that's a TV programme I think).

  • With 8 weeks to go I reckon you can do 10k. Just know your limits

  • Thanks Starting Life. Encouragement always valued. I have run up hills tonight.....well, a few small ones. Onward and upward!

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