Hello new room

Well as of 1:26 pm today, I will have been quit for a whole 6 months :cool:

There seems to be a tendency for people to make a long post at significant milestones. Well not sure about that but here are my tips :-

-See quitting as gaining rather than sacrificing.

-Remember that no matter how you feel smoking won’t make it better, problems are still there after and you’ll just feel guilty and disappointed with yourself.

-Read and re-educate yourself.

-Practice makes perfect, the more times you experience a situation without smoking the easier it will be next time.

-Quitting is a marathon not a sprint. You have years of learned behaviour to break free from, be aware that it doesn’t happen overnight.

-Be prepared for unexpected strong urges to come back out of nowhere when everything seems to be going well, never ever let your guard down, don’t feel disappointed if they do just be strong and quash them.

-Smoking requires you to do something, i.e. putting a ciggy in your mouth and lighting it. Keep choosing to do nothing instead.

-Remember that you smoked because you ARE addicted to nicotine, there is no such thing as just the odd smoke here and there just like there is no such thing as the odd drink here and there for an alcoholic.

-Cravings, and urges to smoke are not life threatening and pass, where as smoking is life threatening.

Best wishes everyone, you can do it if you stay focused on the goal. Do not waiver it is very achievable.

All the best


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  • hi nic

    6 months eh thats great well done and thanks for all the help and advice you have given me over the last couple of months

    love margaretxxx:D :D :D

  • HI Nick

    Well done my friend you have done fab. You are always there to give support to everyone and this place is better for having you in it. In the old days you would be in the penthouse at 6 months. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Well done Nick-you have being a fabulous mentor!!!! xxxxx

  • Well done Nic

    It seems like only yesterday that you was up and down that old slag heap.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Well done Nic - 6 months is fantastic! And thank you SO much for being such a supportive member of this forum. You have helped SO many people, including me. Thank you.

  • Well Done Nic

    6 months is a great achievement and hopefully one of the landmarks which makes you realise that, no matter what, you will NEVER go back again.

    well done!!!!

  • Well done on 6 months :) Massive achievement.



  • Thanks everyone!!

    Well done Nic

    It seems like only yesterday that you was up and down that old slag heap.

    Keep up the good work.

    Yep, I remember a leg puller making a comment about me going up an old slag!!!

    Its a good run up there and I do sprints up it to build up stamina, having said that its not so good in icy weather!



  • Sorry I'm late for this one Nic - but great work and wise words.

    6 months is awesome, and I hope you feel very proud!

  • Sorry I'm late Iwas wondering where you'd got to!!!!!!:p:rolleyes:

    6 months is awesome, and I hope you feel very proud!

    I don't know about proud, I feel pleased, but mostly I feel like a non smoker :)

  • Iwas wondering where you'd got to!!!!!!:p:rolleyes:

    Been busy at work... hardly been here all week! How have I survived?

    I'm away on business all next week too, so won't get online hardly at all!

    Who ever heard of a busy IT guy? I must be doing something wrong :mad:

    Never mind, call it character building :rolleyes:

  • Also Missing

    Sorry Nick,

    Also been missing last week committing career suicide:)


    I've just moved into the room you've vacated :p

  • Sorry I'm late too.

    Well done Nic, 6 months is a major milestone. I don't need to tell you to keep up the good work.



  • nic,,cant say much more its all been said well done tony/ you have keep the faith

  • HI Nic #

    So sorry im late , dont get on at the weekend !!

    Well done on 6 months

    You have offered fabulous support throughout your quit to me and many many others, its all appreciated immensly .

    Really glad you have hit 1/2 year smoke free. Massive achievement and couldnt have happened to a nicer dude!

  • Nice one Nic! You're somewhat of a role model for us young whipper snappers :p

    Here's to the next 6 months *beeeeers* All the best!

  • :o Sorry i missed the big event !!!! Whoop Whoop half way to the penthouse. Keep going nic !!:D

    Tracey x

  • Way to go Nic, keep it up. All the best.

  • dunno how i managed to miss this one!???

    but well done!!!! 6 months!!!! thats bloody fantastic! x

  • Well done nic.half way there ...........your doing great.

  • Opening post is absolutely one of my favourites, I love it

  • Wow, quite a blast from the past this, thanks Molly.

    You'll get there before you know it :)

    Just over a month and I'll be posting the 4 years and 6 month post, just by sticking what I wrote in the OP.

    Keep on keeping on guys!

  • Thanks Nic,

    every point you make in the OP makes so much sense to me and they help me stay focused. This quit is the one !!!

    4 1/2 years must feel amazing! :D

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