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New Room for me

8pm tonight new room for me

I'm glad to move out of month 3, I've found the last few weeks a bit weary.

On the up side I'm chuffed to bits to not be smoking, any time I think about it, easy to get a conversation going in my head, about NOPE, all the benefits, health, money, smell, sneaking about, time etc etc.

On the down side god I've been miserable, fall out with OH most of the time, not sleeping well and even feel I could possibly have developed a bit of depression and should really go an see the doctor.

Happy to plod on and take a day at a time, but either I'm a fruitcake or withdrawal from smoking (for some) is definitely not much fun

Calmer waters ahead I'm hoping, I'm not quitting quitting any time soon, but I'm hoping all the posts I read about it getting better are true !

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Max don't stress about the upset thing, I read it out of interest, but has no effect on the help the forum gives.

TG might have a look at that, cheers for the advice. I'm not in a great place at the moment, but kept bust today and not dwelled on any of it


Into 4 months Andrew, well done!

You did 4 months last time I believe, so let's make sure you don't fall at the same hurdle this time! Stay away from stag nights in Budapest ;)

Now is the time to get reinvigorated about your quit again, as it can become a little mundane around this time. You've done 3 months, reflect on what you have achieved and set yourself a new target - another 3 months to get to the halfway point in terms of reaching the Penthouse :)

You won't lose your quit now, it is yours to give away. Don't give it away this time, it really, really does start to get better from this point forward :)


Well done to you Andrew, great achievement xxx


release a bit of oxytocin in your body . Never heard of it Tea, but sounds good and I want some :D

Thanks Tea, Donna

I hear you and aye aye Capitan, feels more like a switch has turned this time and no Budapest stag do's this year so onwards


Morning Andrew :D

Many congratulations from me on your arrival at the new room- you're doing fantastically well and should be very, very proud of what you have achieved. I know you're feeling a bit low and grumpy at present but it really will pass in time and I am sure your OH and family will cut you some slack. If things get really bad it probably wouldn't hurt to have a word with your GP but I shall keep everything crossed that all the negative stuff passes soon and that as the spring gets nearer your mood will improve.

May today be a better day for you.


Just wanted to add my huge congratulations, Any addiction is strong, for some the withdrawal can be quite harsh, I do have good news , it will get easier, how can it not!!!! If you don't give in, mr NICO will leave you alone.

I do hope your family and you ride this out.

Better times ahead, doing great


Congratulations. Andrew. This sounds like the quit that lasts.


How's it going Andrew, are things picking up?

Don't be a stranger, keep us posted :)


Doing good thanks Capitan, wk 14 today, still fed up but hey ho. 100 days looming.

Miles better than last time, no blips, no real urges and cold turkey from day 5 so fairly positive. Also fairly positive I'm a grumpy sod and about as popular with my oh as a mod on here, but you cant have everything


Hahahaha! :)

It will pass, there really will come a day when not smoking seems completely normal and everything settles down.

I'm genuinely chuffed for you, the Penthouse is waiting and I've a feeling you've found the lifelong quit here, just remember NOPE and never forget it :)


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