Another new room for me

Well what a lovely room this is, never thought I'd make it ... day 18 today and never got past 2 weeks before so a real milestone :).

Still dread the weekends ... but finding ways to keep busy. Helped my daughter xmas shopping on Sat and felt very smug travelling there on the train thinking we'll get it all done before the rush ... WRONG ... everyone else had had the same idea ... what a crush :( but still managed to have a good day even tho we both had arms like an orangutan!

Only probs I've got now is the gums, unfortunately all the years smoking has recked my mouth and the dentist has told me that I need one of my front teeth out now cos its infected ... on antibiotics at the mo ... and its sooooo painful aaaaargh ... but terrified of dental work and I'll have to have a false tooth on a plate for about 6 months when she does it until it all heals and then some horrible bridge work to follow ... so trying to hang on to it till after xmas but its looking really doubtful at the mo. To make matters worse I can't drink on these tabs either :mad:.

But on a good note its day 18, woooo hoooo :D.

And good luck and lots of strength to everyone else on their quits!

Carol x

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  • Well done Carol!

    Day 18 is wonderful!:cool: I probably hate dental work as much as you! I fret going every time. I am hoping to get my teeth whitened in a few months because the cigs have made them a disgusting shade of yellow!

    day 29!:D

    Not smoked for: 0Y 4W 0D 2H 37M not smoked: 281 Cigarettes. Saving me £ 75.90. I will now live longer by: 0Y 0W 0D 22H 29M. I Quit on the:. Monday, October 01, 2007 6:00:26 AM.

  • Well done Caz, you are on the road to nicotine freedom.

    I was like you and previously my best attempt had been 30 days, and before that 11 days was the record:(. Normally 5 days max, then give in finding 100reasons excuses) to smoke.

    Now got these stats!

    We have been quit for 3 Months, 4 Weeks, 14 hours and 35 minutes (120 days). We have saved £751.38 by not smoking 3,376 cigarettes. We have saved 1 Week, 4 Days, 17 hours and 20 minutes of our lifes. Our Quit Date: 01/07/2007 00:00

    Never thought that I could get here but it can be done.

    Good luck Caz. :D:D

  • Thanks all for support! Going to dentist soon to see what she can do for me ... so scary :eek: ... but at least the tooth is that painful now she could offer to pull it out with a pair of plyers and I'd bite her hand off, lol, well I would if I had a good tooth to bite her with that is :rolleyes:.

    And hope you're right Boudee, cos party season is fast approaching and the mouth had better heal in time for that ... although how you eat the xmas dinner with a false tooth ... now that will be interesting :o.

    Feeling a lot more positive about the non smoking now, its so weird sometimes I even forget that I used to smoke, how bizarre is that! And I'm only taking the half dose of the Champix as well, so hurray for that at least :D ... and one of my favourite programmes is coming on soon - I'm a celebrity get me out of here, love it, hope they have some decent celebs on and give us all a laugh.

    Wish me luck at the dentist.

    Carol x

  • Well done Carol x x x x

    Doing brilliantly sorry about the tooth :(

    What times the appointment? Tooth hurty? :D hehehe

    Sorry couldn't resist :D

    ~Buffy x x

  • Well done Carol x x x x

    Doing brilliantly sorry about the tooth :(

    What times the appointment? Tooth hurty? :D hehehe

    Sorry couldn't resist :D

    ~Buffy x x

    Thanks Buffy, appointment at 2pm, sorry to disappoint :D. Good though!!

    Will keep your experience in mind Boudee, will need to cling to something, anyway time to go aaaarrrrgh, hate the dentist.

    Chat soon.

    Carol x

  • Well been to the dentist and couldn't get me in before February on NHS :eek: so offered to pay private ... kerching!!!! ... and lo and behold going back again tonight for horrible plasticine type impression and then back again next week for tooth out :(. Amazing what the word 'private' can do these days. Anyway had to do something cos pain driving me insane so will be bankrupt but hopefully pain free next week and on a good note didn't think about cigs once through the whole horrible experience, normally would have got through half a packet from nerves alone, so that's good!

    So will be the proud owner of my very own false tooth next week :cool:.

    Sorry for boring you all to death with my dental frights think I've calmed down a bit now ... well until next week anyway ... and at least I can still go to my bros bonfire party on Saturday before the nasty event :D.

    Thanks for listening and will try and be a grown up from now on, lol.

    Carol x

  • Doing good Caz...

    Ugh the dentist... I keep putting that one off.

    If you can make it through X-MAS shopping without smoking you are a true champ. I think I will shop online. I find it so hard to make decisions still... my head just fogs over and I buy all sorts of stupid crap or just get frustrated and leave with nothing.

  • aw poor you but you have come through with out smoking today so that is surely a bonus

    I think if a false tooth does not hurt like the one you have then cool and any way you can do party tricks with them and make them look like they are floating in your mouth, kids love it

    Thanks Boudee, don't worry still got my sense of humour, tis only way to deal with it all really :D and strange but do feel in a good mood all the time now ... very odd, not like the usual me at all :confused: ... so helps me deal with stuff like the dentist and not craving either so that feels so good too.

    Anyway more suffering this aft of a different type, taking mum to the shopping centre for new coat ... with throbbing tooth ... and I know it will be sooooo busy cos it always is ... but hey bring it on cos I feel like superwoman today :D.

    Carol x

  • Glad you still have your sense of humor, you'll need it when you get the bill :o

    Pain in the backside that :mad: it isn't cosmetic, it's pain! :mad:

    Good luck with it and I hope it all goes well x x

    ~Buffy x x

  • tooth ache with an infection is such a nasty mean pain

    hehe how did it go with your Mum??

    Sorry Boudee, couldn't get on the PC yesterday cos felt too ill, migraine and toothache - very horrible. Anyway mum was really overcome with the suprise coat me and bro got her and got positively giddy with all the shops in the centre (she's 70 by the way), so all went well in that department, didn't have any cigs either :D:D although was getting more and more cravings as the aft went on, didn't want to smoke one but just cos I knew my mum smoked I think ... strange feeling :confused:.

    Had a great afternoon but trying to make mum understand that rush hour traffic on the M62 was not for the faint hearted fell on deaf ears so had a jaw clenching journey back at 15 miles an hour ... super ... but at least she's got a lovely coat that she looks great in so all agro worthwhile in the end :).

    Carol x

  • Well done to your mum Boudee and BIG well done to you for your 4 month 2moro you must feel over the moon how do you find it now. Last time just couldnt get it out of my mind hope its not like that this time HEHE

  • I am very proud of my Mum Linda very proud indeed

    I have days now when i feel just like a non smoker totally and i just love those days and they push me forward because i know i will feel like that every day, I never let my guard down not for one min and I never tell myself I have beaten this

    Well done Boudee to both you and your mum, what an achievement and you're such an inspiration to us all :). You're a star for helping so many others too :D:D

    Carol x

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