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Hello new room

Hi everyone. On Sunday I completed 12 weeks so I'm now at the start on month 4. I really cannot believe I'm still here, I have had some wobbles and occasionally think I want one but the thought goes quickly.:)

Some stats. 1040 fags not smoked which would have taken me over four days to smoke! Almost £110 I have spent on clothes and shoes instead of fags.:D

Thank you to every member of this forum, you are all great and I don't think I could have got past the first week without you all. :)

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Nicky, that's fantastic! Those months are really racking up for you aren't they? Well done indeed :D

I reckon you'd be storming this thing under any circumstances. There's a positiveness, inner determination and grit that shines through your posts. If ever there was a future Penthouse resident in the making it's you.

Here's to your Month Four. May it be a very, very happy one. :)


Well done Nicky!! Keep enjoying the shopping rewards and the freedom from stinky, expensive, disease ridden ciggies! :D xxx


Very well done to you Nicky! Nothing like a bit of retail therapy to help your quit! :D:D:D

On a side note, whereabouts are you from in Wiltshire? My mum is from Salisbury and my Dad is from Amesbury.....loads of my family live around there still


Salisbury is a nice place, don't know where Amesbury is though. I'm from Swindon, which isn't that great :D


Thank you TG, Andy, Sarah Lou and Skiddaw for the lovely comments :D


Well done...four months in.


Thank you Carl :)


Congratulations Nicky on reaching month 4 - enjoy the clothes shopping!


great going nicky !!!

man im so glad there are people like you in the forum, ahead in their quit compared to me...but not too far ahead....

the other 'legends' kind of intimidate me :P

hmm sounds like a pretty concieted comment :P

power to you !!! congrats !


Just seen this, how wonderful all that cash , and getting healthier also.

So pleased all is going good for you :)


Abbi M - Oh I will enjoy the cash, kind of wish I had smoked cigarettes though instead of tobacco, I would be very well off by now :D

Pseudo - Maybe it's helping me having people slightly behind me in their quits too, I would absolutely hate to have to go back to day one room now :D

Tracey - Thank you. :)

You are all doing so well in your quits too, all in this together :):)


Welcome to your new room.

Another successful milestone reached. You're going great.

Onwards and upwards.


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