Nearly 8 days down and a new room

Well, I've passed the 1 week mark and almost through Day 8. Hurrah!! This is my first weekend at home challenge, so although some commitments, it is a time that I can choose how much I do, when/if I do it. I used smoking to have breaks from tasks or avoiding doing them! None of that today. Slept in, played tennis, eating lots, but healthily so far. And relying on deep breathing and NOPE at times. It seems like a long day from a not smoking perspective, but it is actually going quite quickly. ;)

Yesterday evening out for drinks with friends and no desire to smoke at all. Everyone there were non-smokers, which I'm sure helps.

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  • Absolutely fantastic!!!!! Might sound silly but feel so proud of you! Stay strong xx

  • Thanks alleycat, and likewise to you. I've posted to your post. It is strange but there is a sense of pride in how well people do, even though we don't know each other. A good feeling.

    Keep it going.

  • Very well done & welcome to week 2 :)

    By the way, well done on going out and managing to behave, I don't even drink and haven't been able to meet any of my friends for 6 weeks because I'm affraid of not being strong enough :(

    Well done, you will notice that from here on gets easier :) xxx hang in there.

  • Thanks very much, mmaya. I went out twice during the week and the first time was quite hard, after I left the pub to head home, so I think I learnt from that. I'm also taking champix and that I know is helping.

  • Yes, Champix helps a lot indeed. My made a very usual mistake the last time while taking the champix: It was going so well that I managed to convince myself that it wasn't the Champix at all, it was all me...therefore I stopped the champix although I was told not to...within 2 weeks, I was back on the fags LOL

    I didn't do the champix this time because it makes me too sick, so I went cold turkey this time.

    If you are ok taking the Champix, do the medicine properly as it should be done, I know a LOT of people that did the champix and never touched a fag again, years and years after.

    But the credit is still yours my dear, Champix doesnt make miracles:) Well done.

  • Really helpful mmaya, thanks. When I stopped the champix but after 3 months of taking it, two weeks later smoking again. So I need to prepare myself and keep talking to my smoking cessation clinic. But, yes, I know some of this is me; just not sure how much at the moment!! lol

  • Its my eighth day too and feeling good. Isn't it great to be free

  • Yes, I saw. Congrats to you.

  • Well done!!👍👍 i m still planning my quit. It s tomorrow, so you ve at least got through the first few days which tbh I m dreading despite feeling very determined to do it - using the Allen Carr book which makes absolute sense. Few more smokes for me later and a few more pages if the book then that s it - a new start 😀

  • I wish you well for tomorrow. Seeing people on here who have been where you are is a enormous help. And, as I was told, post often, and drop in often for a boost. It really helps. I actually messed up (smoked) on my first set date in February and was really disappointed with myself. But a few days later something seemed to click. By that time I was regularly using the forum. Yoiu can do this :0)

  • Secret smoker, from tomorrow on, You no longer will be known as the"secret smoker" ahll be known as "the ex-secret smoker " LOL

    Good luck for tomorrow, pop into to the website. I didnt post on my first 3 weeks because I am a silly-proud head, but now looking back, it would have been much easier if I had this guys helping me.

    Best of luck & I'll see ya around!

  • I'm so pleased for you all :)

    Walkabout, Spanisheys and alleycat, big BIG well done to you for your 8 days xx

  • Thanks very much Incy_Wincy. Much appreciated

  • Well done Walkabout, it's weekends I struggle with but good to see you've kept yourself busy, here's to nailing week 2 and onto week 3 x

  • Thanks very much Jess. Half way through the weekend, and it's not been so bad so far. Onward........................!!

  • And there is my Day 8. Bring on the 9! This evening I'm meeting up with, amongst others, one of my smoking buddies, who I would go out into pub gardens with in sub-zero temperatures.

    Just say no ;)

  • Well done to you all stay strong

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