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Hi everyone, just checking in really. Still no interest at all in smoking after my teeny blip and the smell is now starting to be unpleasant, particulary when some one comes in from smoking and breathes on me - yuck! lol

Still struggling to clear the latest cough/cold type thing and the catarrh is pretty bad, thinking I might go and have a check up soon. Actually about two days after I turned 40 I received a letter from the NHS inviting me for a full health check! Might just take them up on it as I very rarely visit the docs.

Pleased to see everyone is still here and still keeping at it. Love this forum :):)

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Hey Nicky,

glad to hear you're still going strong with the quit :) Do let us know how your visit to the docs went!

A belated birthday wish that your life will continue to be filled with clean air and happiness :)


That is a huge achievement , am hoping your on the mend, getting close to the penthouse,

Just brilliant


Thanks all. I will make the appointment when I get 5 minutes, already have dreaded dentist check up this week so probably go next week. Karri I thought maybe antibiotics too, just to shift it as I have been on/off ill for quite a while now.

Away to London at the weekend for my anniversary, seeing Cats while we are there too. A little getaway always seems to help with my health. :)


Congratulations, nearly there now.


If you're still on it, you're at Day 276 now. I've every confidence you're still ploughing the road to the penthouse.


You'll be at Day 300 before you know it...then its smooth sailing to the penthouse.

Tracey and I (14 and 4 days from the penthouse respectively) will be there to greet you at the door when you arrive.


I am still on it! Surprised at myself. 40 weeks tomorrow which is just great. My sister talked to me today about quitting, as I have done it she is encouraged that she can. Unfortunately I am one of two she knows who have quit, the other quit a couple of years ago and has not been a happy quitter, still misses smoking and moans alot etc. I have my fingers crossed that she will try.


Congratualtions on all counts Nicky, hope you are having a lovely anniversary weekend x


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