First day on second month

Hi All

Not sure if peeps thought i might of gone back on the cig wagon but i can say that not one has past my lips and i am now on month 2! Woohoooooooo

I am so pleased with my myself and it has been really hard doing it cold turkey but i feel tons better now...i don't always think about them and if someone offered me one i think i would refuse now....I wouls say that the only draw back from it all is that i am still anxious.

Has anyone else noticed as well that when you give up you notice that actually tons of people do smoke? I was sat in the car the other day with the window down and got a whiff of a ciggie the person in front was smoking and it was just blowing over in my way. Weird how you notice the smell of them.

Kel :)

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  • Heya Kel :D

    Glad you dropped in to let us know you hadn't fallen off the wagon! did wonder :rolleyes:

    I had my 12 week mark yesterday and i realised that in a little while, not sure exactly when but fairly recent!, it has suddenly got a lot easier.

    No anxiety, no craves and generally a lot calmer and more relaxed than in years! I didn't even get snappy and I have been premenstrual! :eek:

    I hate the smell though and smell it lots when out and about! i can smell it when no ones around! must be someone who walked there a few moments ago!

    Well done on two months! hold tight, all bad side effects will soon pass x x

  • Hi Kel

    Nice to hear from you - well done at keeping off them - I've just started week six and still feel good although I do feel a bit disorganised and a bit spaced out sometimes - wierd huh?

    You're so right though - when you smoke it seems like the whole world are non smokers and you're trying to blow smoke the other way or avoiding busy areas but when you don't smoke you really notice all the other smokers.

    I must admit stale smoke smells foul but I still like the smell of fresh smoke but don't want one at all myself - the thought of taking in smoke through my mouth and back out turns my stomach - doesn't mean I don't still get cravings though - it's really quite odd.

    Any way less rambling - well done and lovely to hear from you

    Loopy XX

  • Loopy you dont crave so much cos cider tastes much nicer than cigs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D :D :D


  • Hi Kazza

    Just having a little tipple......


  • Cheers! Its been SO hot today I just HAD to open a bottle of ice cold chardonnay speaking to me when I went in the fridge to get my Yakult (not!)


  • Kazza I find drinking cider simultaneously with actimel does my bowels the world of good... not sure the family agree!!!

  • Sun, chardonnay ah how could i resist :D

  • in fact! can you believe this, i am more burnt today by not thinking :rolleyes: than i ever got in the bahamas! was so concious in the tropics! lol cant believe i got burnbt today tutz :rolleyes: tis sore :( went walking through the park to west end n back 11:30 till 3:00 all high bloody sun *silly* creamed up babes didn't meself!

  • Hmm think it's kind of crept up on us all this sun - loads of kids were poorly at my kids school with heatstroke - just can't believe it in May.

    Now if you can't be bothered to put cream on yourself after all the kids (what a pants job that is!) may I suggest either a) bandages or B) shade of a nice oak tree with a little bottle of nicely chilled wine whilst you watch the kiddies frolicking in the sun!!


  • Loopy

    your so right, why use cream when you can drink under the shade of an old oak tree :rolleyes: lol

    I am usually very careful of myself too, and cream myself :D, two ginger parents :rolleyes: not a ginger myself though, however am very fair skinned.

    Today kinda snuck up! my 2nd eldest has cricket, 5-7pm last week we was arguing, it was raining hard! i was like no way! no cricket in this weather

    ! now look! rofl those bloody winter jackets have been put away, got out, put away ,got out n put away!

    Lets hope the good weather is here to stay :) xx

  • Yeah hope so - supposed to be going camping next week if it's nice - perhaps I should pray for rain!!

  • hehe it'll be fun x x

    We're going to try a bit of that this year. Never been before as whole family! 2 adults 5 kids

    I took my younger 4 once but met up with my sister and others to ease the burden!

    usually go butlins but cant afford it this year as had hols at easter.

    any advice will be very much appreciated! x x

  • Hi everyone hope you are all enjoyed the sunshine today. I had a really unusuall day, I went on a protest march " Save our Hospital " Yes there I was with about 200 people from the town blowing my whistle making lots of noise marching ( not out of breath ) to save our very nice cottage hospital from going down the same route as many others have gone. I even spoke to the local radio reporter God knows what I said I was a bit caught up in the moment, It really felt good to be part of our community. Havent opened a bottle tonight but hope you guys are enjoying yours xx Sue

  • Hi Sue nice to see you ... you'll be chaining yourself to railings next...hey maybe that's a new way to quit - chain yourself to a railing outside a hospital so you can't get to the shop...brilliant I'm surprised nobody's thought of it before.

    Buffy - Re camping I was going to suggest the usual remedy i.e. alcohol but a word of warning....One cold, windy night in April about four years ago we did our first family camp. We had two dome tents (now have a great big thing that we can't even reach the top of to put up properly - who designs these things?) Me and two kids in one tent and hubby and other two kids in second tent - anyway it was sooooo cold and we just happened to be camping next to a pub (how fortuitous!) so decided to have some beers to make me sleep. Woke about 2am dying for a wee and freezing cold - so goes round back of tent, as you do, and does the deed however as I'm trying to stand up tripped over guy rope and fell on my right hand - at this point pants etc. are still around ankles!!!! Hand hurts too much so have to pull them up left handed - spent the rest of the night worrying about the kids with a throbbing hand which was the size of a tennis ball in the morning - broke several bones in it!!! Only upside was hubby had to pack up all the camping gear whilst I sat in the warm, dry car!!!!

  • You go sue!

    Well done on you for supporting the hospital x

    I can't say how much we do to help and get frustrated with the whole thing, why hospitals, hospices, casualty units etc have to shut and stop why we all have to cut off things that matter so more people can push paper for our money.

    But i can say shouting about it and saying we can see the ignorance will make and has started making necessary changes, albeit slow x x

  • hi everyone glad you all enjoyed the sun shine today WHAT SUNSHINE we didnt get any today booo cloud cloud and more cloud oh and a spot of rain, only a spot maybe 2, was very humid. anyway enouth about the weather i nearly gave in today, dont no how i stoped myself apart from come on here, really been stressed out a long tale but seen my daughter today for the first time in 3 years what a joy it was, picked her up from school then it was shopping and pizza what a nice day we had but really needed that fag after dropping her back of at home.

    I know this will be a testing time for me just hope i get through.


  • Hi Wolfy

    You are doing grand - you just know a cig won't really help that's all in the mind.

    Great you've seen your daughter and had a lovely time - we all have long tales to tell...or not - it's just great you've seen her and things are good and just remember you didn't stink of fags when you saw her!!(kids do notice this more than we think)

    Keep strong it passes XXXX (honestly)


  • ROFL Loopy missed your lovely camping story before :D

    Had signed off to sit with him after footy but he gone bed now :rolleyes:

    Like the even sharing of kids between adults, tent wise good advise, the braking bones in wrist / arm is this usually recommendable?

    :D :D

  • I wouldn't recommend it from a pain point of view ( I was awake all night listening to owls and foxes and loads of scary stuff - quite near a churchyard too!) However it may be worth feigning a damaged hand to get out of packing the tent away!!!!

    My hubbie goes upstairs and says he's 'reading' I go up to join him and the light's off and he's snoring!!! - mind he does work shifts, poor soul!!

    Loopy XX

  • I am so there with you! well no not like that!

    But what is the time gap? between him slipping off, and you going to bed safe in the knowledge that the snoring has stopped?

    I reckon its like 1 1/2 hours till it eases, but it starts again later :rolleyes:

    I use relaxation techniques and try to include the sounds as a scenario, alas i am not that chilled and i get annoyed again :D

    I do prod n poke which works for a while not for all night and lil miss wants a wee in night too (our darling 3 yr old daughter is still in cot in our room >_< )

    When did i last do a full nights kip? lol april my holiday i shouldnt grumble so quick :D

  • I'm surprised mine doesn't get up black & blue the amount of prodding I do!! It's odd when I smoked I always fell asleep first so didn't notice - anyway he's on nights this week so pure peace until 6.30am and it's almost time to get up then anyway!


  • I am not alone there either then :D

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