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No Smoking Day
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Day 26 such a hard day !!

Hi all ,

Hope everyone is well. im still smokefree but last couple of days have been so hard i am really struggling, every thought in my head has been to doubt my decision to quit , and constantly about having a smoke even though i know part of me does not want one. i am eating everything in site and feel restless and so tired. its so hard my hubby has been great with going outside for a smoke but i just feel like i want to go out with him and smoke one even though i know it will taste disgusting and make me feel ill.Please just tell me this will pass and is normal in with drawel.sometimes i feel so positive and determined and times like now i feel that life will never be the same again if i dont smoke. sorry to go on and on but just needed to post. dont want to feel negative...

lots love ali xx

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Hi Alison,

Sorry you are going through a bad few days hun. Hang on in there it will get better real soon promise. Do whatever you feel you need to do to get through at the mo. Whether its sleep or food, better that than you know what! I must admit at some point for a couple of days in the same week as you I used to go & stand next to hubby for a few seconds when he had a ciggie :eek: Haven't done it since because I don't need to ;) Yikes was so smelly as well LOL

Don't ever doubt your decision IT IS ONE OF THE BEST YOU WILL EVER MAKE IN YOUR LIFE.Love gaynor xxx


Hi Ali :D

Sorry you've found the last few days so hard but you've done 29 days and that's great well done you Big Hug

Lots of us find it particularly hard just about where you are now

Just Hang in there it really will get better for you very soon Promise

Do whatever you need to to get through it, doesn't matter what except for one thing


Marg xxxxxxx


Just hang in there Alison we all get days like this but dont have a one.

26 days is a good achievement but im sure you can go much further,just think of the damage over 1,000 ciggies would have done and you have avoided them.

Good luck Alison i hope you make it through.


Good Will Outway Bad

Hey Alison, You are doing brilliant, dont worry, these bad days will get less and less, just stick with it... Soon be a month, then 2 etc etc Keep smiling Its well worth it Kaz:)


Hi Ali,

Don't beat yourself up I had the same feelings you are having and you will get through it. Like Karen has said the bad days get less and less, you will soon be celebrating being smoke free for 1 month. Well done for getting this far chin up we are all here for you girl.





Big Thanks to all for replies,

Feeling a bit calmer after filling my face even more, but what the .... better than smoking. dont know whats come over me last few days normally feeling so positve, determined to keep all negative thoughts at bay.reading all replies have really helped get my mindset back in place. Just can not thank you enough, think i would go mad if i didnt have this forum to read and post on.

Hope everyone else is having a great week end apart from the awful rain. keeping strong :)

lots love ali xxx


Hi Ali

Keep strong you will get back to being positive. We were around fags for many years and so many times a day the old memories can slip back in. Maybe some reading would help, I find it does, a reminder of the reasons why we made this great decision in the first place is good.

Will be thinking about you.



Hi Ali,

You are doing so well. Almost four weeks - almost counting in months now. Probably most of us get doubts at different times. And it can't help having a constant reminder when hubby goes for a cig. But that just emphasises how well you are doing.



I too struggled at this time. Its the three week thing. It soon passes. Be strong you are nearly over the worst hurdle! x


Big Thanks Everyone,

I am feeling more positive today, just a bit lost ,soon be one month , i do hope it gets easier.

Hope everyone is having a good day nice to see the sun out for a while.

I choose not to smoke today , never going to take another puff.

lots of love

ali xx:D


Hi Ali :D

So glad you're feeling better today and yes it really does get easier Promise


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Glad you are feeling better, wont be long till you are at one month. Guess there will be the odd bad day but I am starting to find more good than bad now thank goodness:)


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