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day 53

Sorry I havent been on in a little while, Im on day 53 now woop woop

today I went into town and bought myself some earrings, I wouldnt usually buy jewellery as it is not something that "I need" but I thought what the hey Ive saved from not smoking I could afford a little treat.

I have also booked to go on the ferry to the isle of wight to go to Tigerland! I cant wait :D

Im really noticing the treat money going up!

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Hi Sparkle :)

So chuffed you're doing so well, and the little treats are good aren't they?


Yes those money figures soon add up don't they? A lovely treat is needed after showing such determination in your quit.

Doing so very well, those rewards just keep coming, brilliant


Shining bright like a diamond sparkle. Good job keeping it going nicely 😃


Well done Sparkle, 53 days is great. Hope you enjoy your trip to the Isle of Wight.


How wonderful Sparkle :D

You deserve every minute of your new earrings and your trip to the Island. I hope you have a fantastic time with the tigers. Pics will be required...

Good on you! :)


dont worry I will be taking lots of pics. I cant wait, Im soooo excited , just like a little kid lol

thanks for all your support :D


Lovely to know you still going strong, we have similar quit dates :) x think you have more resolve than me as I bought my end of month treat two weeks early, ha ha! Enjoy tiger land, sounds fab! X


Wooop! Glad to see you're staying strong and positive.


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