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No Smoking Day
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£182 better off, 16 days in

can you believe it £182 that in the last 16 days id have smoked away:eek:

OK so the cravings have been and are still being a bit of a bugger, but £182 saving soon makes me wonder why i've smoked for so many years and how i've afforded to.

According to this app on my phone over the last 16 years of smoking i have spent an average of £60,000 i'd have been half way between saving for an Aston DB9( i wish lol)

oh well ive decided what im going to treat myself with and thats a samsung tab so i can go on the forum when ever i want :D

good luck to all quitters as you can tell from my post it has alot of cost benefits


Sian xx

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I found the money a great incentive. Don't know how I managed to buy all those fags. £1569 for me :D:D:D


Sian, I based on your figures, I just worked out how much you will save a year. I nearly fell off my donkey !!!


Of course.........now that you will be saving all that money, you could spare a thought for those in need. One particularly worthy cause is the "Biggrin benevolent fund". It's sole purpose is to provide support for Biggrins, who, through no fault of their own and for no particularly good reason, could do with some extra cash. I see on the fund's website that the Biggrins - who can be temperamental creatures, especially when quitting smoking - have to be treated with the utmost care. Apparently they find unexpected and undeserved infusions of cash to be especially soothing. No-one seems to know how they developed such eccentric foibles.


Well Biggrin you will be saving money too so don't be greedy :D:D:D


:D:D I'm sure the biggrins cause is a good 1 but for time being I'm gona put it in to the Sian583 fund :)



Harsh.....but fair:)


Sian you deserve to treat yourself and when you go on your new tab (electronic tab and not a little dirty tab end lol)you can sit back relax and say those horrible dirty little cancer sticks have now turned into a tablet thanks dirty sticks i wonder what i will turn you into next time.Well done keep at it stay strong for everyone who goes on this site as all the newbys need people like you and me to write great endings,;)


thanks Steeza never thought that it also can help the new quitters but yes your right it does :)

i might have to go get that samsung tab after all as other wise the money ive saved will just get lost in day to day bills... might as well treat my self now im half way through 1st mth:D

good luck every1 xx


That is a massive incentive Sian especially with Christmas on the way. You will be able to afford lots of lovely extras now:)


Well done Sian,

You're doing great, looks like this may be the one! That's great getting a tablet, I love my IPad. It's horrifying the amount of money we spent on cigs, I think it was Austin that posted 'I've smoked a house' - me too!!!! Makes you think.

Fi x


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