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day 73, starting the plan

So its the start of a brand new week. Another successful weekend where I thought more about lozenges than cigarettes!

Today is the day I cut down on using the lozenges and I have put on a step 3 patch. Im due to do this until wednesday then put on a step 2 patch (stronger strength) and stop the lozenges altogether.

Then on the weekend, im back to step 3 patches for the remainder of the pack.

Its going to be hard work but im determined to get off the lozenges :D

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Good on you, but remember, a plan does not have to be set in stone, they need to be able to adapt to the circumstances.

If you feel it's necessary to prevent you from suffering too much, don't be afraid to have a lozenge or go back to using higher dosage patches for a while. Any of those options is better than smoking :)

Aim to be smoke, patch and lozenge free at your 1 year point. That gives you 292 days to wean yourself off them. If you can do it earlier then fantastic, but it's a marathon, not a sprint, so pace yourself :)

You are doing great, you have not smoked for 73 days so far - how utterly fantastic is that!


thanks Capitan, yep if I do struggle i will keep using the lozenges for a little while longer but I really need to cut down on them atleast

292 days sounds lovely :D


Isn't it wonderful, when indeed we start to think about smoking less and less, bit of a lightbulb moment, I feel

Great all is going well, and yes agree, if it's just a bit to uncomfy can always change your plan

Doing such a great job, well done


thanks for your support Tracey :)


so far so good. I did nearly have a panic attack when I thought id lost a bunch of legal documents at work! Still smoke free lol


Good to hear Sparkle :)

What sort of law do you deal in?


I work for part of the bank, behind the scenes. We have companies that sell their invoices to us and then their customers pay directly to us.

Its just so they can get their money quicker.. Its called Invoice Finance


Ah, it used to be called Factoring in my day :)


Thanks Karri

I have extended the step 3 patches until friday now. I spoke to my stop smoking advisor and she thinks that 3 days wouldnt be enough and said 5 would be better. That way I can start my step 2 patch without lozenges on the weekend. I spend the weekend around my other halfs house and he doesnt smoke and I find it easier around him.

Sounds like a better plan for me than trying tomorrow ;)


This is all good news, your winning the war on Mr NICO, that can only be a good thing,

Doing very well, and it's so good when we can be flexible in our approach to being nicotine and smoke free don't you think?

Have great day, doing fantastic well done


Sparkle your plan sounds a good one and you have obviously thought long and hard about it, capitans advice is spot on, just take it at your own pace and if you do need the lozenges for a bit longer so be it xx


I havent had lozenges for 48 hours now, Im using the step 2 patches and I am moody as anything. I had to put myself in isolation yesterday as I got sooooo angry about something stupid. Im not even sure if it was rational.

Its a good job I prepared for the mood swings. I told my boyfriend before the weekend and we chucked away the rest of my pack of lozenges that I had on me. Im saving the lozenges at home just incase. Its like giving up smoking again. Feels like im on day 3!


As you reduce the immediate impact of nicotine you will start to feel withdrawal Sparkle, but it doesn't last forever and you do get used to handling it.

It's the body's attempt to get you to go back to pumping lots of nicotine back into it, but once you have cracked it you will be free forever, as long as you never reintroduce it back into your body ever again - not even once for old times sake or because you think you can control it.

We are addicts and if we could control it we wouldn't be here.

Sounds like your boyfriend is being very supportive, which must be helping, so repay him and you by making this your forever quit :)


cheers peeps :)

Yeah Im now thinking that I should have just used the patches to begin with then I wouldnt be going through this 2nd quit thing months in :/

Im feeling wound up and I have no reasons to be angry at all. Im just waiting for an excuse to get into a hissy fit. Worse than PMS lol


Hahahaha! I'll have to take your word for that ;)

Whichever way you do it, at some point you end up having to go cold turkey by getting rid of nicotine altogether.

The anger, frustration and stress all go eventually, just hang in there and freedom will be your reward :)


lol yeah, I didnt plan yesterday very well. I thought, Ill have a nice relaxing bath. Then I wanted to do excersize but I didnt do it because I didnt want to get all sweaty again after washing my hair.

I had a bit of a walk to work this morning, which helped. But now Im at work sitting at a desk waiting for my prey :-F (Biting my lip) ready to pounce! Some poor git is going to get a really emotional Sparkle later


lol, I do that when im sneaking up on my boyfriend, im like Dur Dum Dur Dum :D


thanks hun u too


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