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Day 4 :)

Hey everyone :)

Well here I am on Day 4 and feeling so much better than I did 24hrs ago! Slept like a log and feel all full of beans. I'm actually looking forward to Day 4! So to all you New Years quitters, well done on getting this far, dig deep and keep on going. We will all get through this together. Just imagine the feeling in a years time when we look back and can offer advice to all the new quitters knowing we have made it! Keep on pushing guys!

Cheers :)

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What a lovely, optimistic and inspiring post Jim! :D

So glad you're feelng better today. You're quite right- it's surprising how soon that year passes. I'm still pinching myself in disbelief. You and the other Day Fourers will be the Month Fourers before you know it and heading towards Halfway House. After that, the months just fly by.

May your Sunday be crave-free and full of lovely things. :)


Great post Jim and so pleased that you are feeling better today.


everything feels better after a good nights sleep - hope your day goes well. How great is it that we are over half way through our first week poison-free?!


Wow what a new day brings, your near to a week, how amazing, those intense feeling do pass. Great decision to quit,

Just keep going


Great post Jim - I'm right behind you :cool:


Fantastic attitude to have, already looking forward to helping the newbies, brilliant, keep it up :)


Well done Jim......good days..bad days.......take them all in your stride,and you,l. Get there .

Nearly a week,how amazing is that?


Yay! Happy days :)


Hey guys :)

I really must apologize for not replying to each of you individually, I have been out and about all day, and time has just flown by! I would like to say thank you to you all for your encouragement and positive words of support. It never ceases to amaze me how supportive everyone is on here :)

So I had a biggish challenge today. I went to see some friends for coffee at lunch time (off the booze as well as the fags!) and managed to sit and chat without wanting a smoke. Well without giving into the urge to have a smoke!

Later on I went to see some other very close friends who also smoke. We were having a good old chat and they were smoking throughout. It didn't bother me in the least bit that they were smoking. I had no desire whatsoever to have a fag. To be completely honest the thought of it turned my stomach. Already the smell makes me feel nauseous. As I was driving home I could smell the smoke on me, and I couldn't wait to get back and get changed.

I would never preach to my friends about quitting smoking, although I would dearly love them to try, but it really didn't bother me that they were. To each there own I guess. I really hope this marks a turning point for me and helps me stay focused and strong. To be completely honest I was absolutely sick of smoking when I quit. I think for me that was key, I really hated smoking and wanted to quit, rather than think I just should because it was killing me, making me smell, costing a fortune etc. etc.... (as if all that wasn't reason enough!)

So anyway, I will stop rambling now! I hope everyone is getting on ok with their quits, and have had a good Sunday :)

Thank you all once again, and apologies for my lack of attention today!


Jim :)


I agree about noticing the smell now - my partner is still smoking, always in the utility room not in the house, but still I notice the smell coming through into the kitchen. Had a couple of wobbly moments today, but have not given in largely as I keep re-reading all of the encouraging posts on this site. Seems silly to slip now when day 5 is so close. Well done Jim - and the other 2015 quitters - we are nearly through the first week.


Hey Kentquitter :)

It seems crazy, but exposure to smoking can act as a deterrent, if you are determined to quit. It's still early days I know, but if it can turn you off now, it has to be a good sign!

I hope the wobbles weren't to bad, try to keep focused and remember you aren't alone. We will get through this first week together, and the next and the next. Keep on pushing my friend and very well done, Day 5 here we come.....!!


Whoop whoop and well done us! On to day 5....I think I'm getting the hang of this now :)

Not One Puff Ever - that's the only rule, simple right?




Simple and good to chant when wobbling (quite a mental image!!)

Off to bed and ready to face day 5. Back to work so should be an easier day as I won't have temptation at hand and I didn't smoke much during a work day anyway.

Hope we all get a good night's sleep. :)


Whoop whoop indeed Mina and well done you!! :)

I think you are dead right, we have got to stick to that one simple rule. N.O.P.E, just always keep that in mind!

Right then, all 2015 New Years Quitters, on to Day 5 and no looking back :)


Very well done to all the 1st Jan quitters. So nice to see the teamwork going on here.


I quite agree. :D

All I can say is that we're going to have to stand well clear of the Penthouse doors this time next year in order to avoid the stampede :)

Go for it, you noblest of January quitters, onwards, onwards!


Aww thank you guys :)

It's so true that united we stand, divided we fall. When I have quit before I have always done it on a random day, so haven't really had any same day quit buddies. This time it is different and that coupled with you lovely positive people giving us so much encouragement, I think we may be onto a winner :)

Thank you all so much :)


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