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Day 4 - Getting Better


i like many others stopped on new years eve, first couple of days were easy but then yesterday (day 3) was very hard especially being back at work, i had a moment mid afternoon when things got bad so i went to an empty board room and walked around the large table for a few minutes, surprisingly this helped alot, after my evening meal last nite was tough too, i feel better today, i have bought some mints and am havng one everytime i think about having a fag, im drinking lots of water aswell, i really want to get thru this, i have set up emails to be sent to myself each day with words of encouragement, sad i know but it is helping

SMOKED: 5-10per day for 12yrs

STOPPED: 31/12/11

METHOD: Cold Turkey

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Pat on the back, day 3 done and dusted

Hi Craiglios

As in the title, pat on the back, day 3 done and dusted and moving forward.

You seem very determined and focussed, this forum will help you, reading all the posts and posting yourself, there is a great bunch of people on here, all with their own quit battle and always willing to help.


i want to be determined and focused but i am struggling to be honest, my dad had a heart attack 5 yrs ago and still smokes 20-30 aday, and my mum was diagnosed with angina last year and still smokes 20 aday, i recentley got married and my wife and i are planning a family and i dont want to be a parent to my children like mine are to me, my wife has never smoked and hates it, it seems to be the afternoons where i am struggling, this may sound strange but it is actually theraputic just writing about it now, like the saying goes, "a problem shared is a problem halved"

You have no idea how much of what you have just said is true about a problem shared, writing about it, reading other people's posts have helped me so much.

My daughter is 18 and unfortunately mainly because of me smoking started smoking at 14, she has now seen the light and stopped, for good I hope :) so stopping before you have a family is all good in itself.

I'm sorry that your parents still smoke, you know I'm sure they would want to stop too, it takes courage and strength to stop as you know.

Seriously come on here, have a rant, smile, cry, laugh, there are some wonderful people on here.

Keep positive


thank you, your words really help, i am going to beat this come hell or high water

Craig you are not alone! feel similar to you,be strong you will get there.Am on day 4 feeling very grumpy and shouting at the poor kids for no real reason,ironic as I am doing this for them as well as myself.Good luck hun x

Keeping ahold

at home last night, my wife asked me why i still had a packet of cigs on the window sil, i dont know why but i cant throw them away, i know most people say that it would be too much of a temptation but i honestly think it is a deterant (spelling?), knowing i could have one anytime takes away my craving, if they werent there i think i would be more moody, does this make sense?, does anyone else agree?

I've read about people doing that Craig. It depends on you really. Personally I couldn't do that. I got rid of all smoking paraphernalia from the house, including ash trays, lighters, etc. I don't think I'd have lasted with a half empty pack lying around the place.

day 4

Craig I have some on top of my kitchen cupboard and know they are there , but like you are using them as a deterrent, finish work in ten mins and that is the hard part as I am fine all day as cannot smoke at work. But what a buzz I am getting ticking my calender on the fridge and cannot wait until I tick that day four before I go to bed later ! Planning to do something for myself when i get home to get over the craving, man its hard but I am really starting to enjoy not smoking !

come on everyone, let the revelution move forward, we will do this, speak again tomorrow

Just stopped by to say you can do it guys, hang in there, it get's better! :)

I'm coming up to 1 year on 12/1/12 and I honestly can't believe it. From a love affair with fags that I never thought I'd break out of, I've become a non smoker and it feels great. Freedom from having to hang around outside cold bars/airports/restaurants etc etc - it's wonderful.

If I can do it, anyone can! Hang in there, it will get better :D

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