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Day 4 just finished!!!


Hi all,

Just finished day 4, and well, no problems so far, and feeling great!

I do feel a strong urge to smoke after my main dinner, and I do feel like I want a smoke now and again, but its something I can either control, or have a puff on my electric ciggerette (which the battery has run out and im smoking as a dummy fag) and sometimes, it feels no different to the equivilent of wanting a piece of chocolate.

I keep re-thinking what that alcoholic told me on my Day1 post, and of a picture of the lungs on a link that was posted (Marg I think) and I also remember that i have been feeling ill, tired and sluggish for a while and now I feel great, so that wards off any thought of having a smoke.

Have had a few arguments with the wife that we would not normally have, but seem to be calming down more now, and obviously been eating a bit more than usual, especially crisps and snacks, so will monitor my weight, but have been meaning to start a gym program again, so will look into that next week.

Cheers all,


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Well, woke up for day 5, and have been coughing quite a bit.

Also, bringing up quite a bit of thick flem and stuff, im guessing this is the start of the cleaning process?



Morning :)

As you say Paul, it is your body getting rid of the c**p it has built up over the years. Not long till you reach the week mark. It will be here before you know up. Hope you have a good day and keep resisting.

hi paul,

gym programme sounds like a good idea. you'll be amazed by how easy everything is when you get down there. its like youve turned into the hulk or something :)

Hi Paul :D

Well done on day 5 that's great

You're right about the coughing up all part of the quit but your lungs are clearing themselves of the gunk

The other things you're feeling are also normal this early in a quit but they will all pass

Wasn't me told you about the Lungs pic found on a link although it makes you think about what we all did to our lungs doesn't it

I'm not an alcoholic although I like the odd glass of wine but if asked I do advice laying of the booze for a while when quitting


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

Lol Bman, I feel stronger and fitter already, and I havent done anything yet.

Still getting a few pangs now and again. My In-Laws are down for a few days, both smokers, and obviously watching them having a cup of tea in the garden with their fag occasionally gives me a pang, but not a strong enough pang to make me want to grab one.

Also getting a very strng pang after lunch and dinner, but thats about all.

Still feeling much better without the crap, and probably saved at least £50 this week.



Thats been my only worry this time quit, i've not had a cough, nor expel of any flem or anything. I'm more worried about that, than doing so tbh.

Hi Jase and Joan :D

Please don't worry about the cough thing or lack of it

We don't all get this

I've not had it either and feel great at 8 1/2 months quit


Marg xxxxxxxxxx

actually so do I, thanks :)

Hi Jase and Joan :D

You're welcome glad you both feel better now


Marg xxxxxxxx

I havent had loads of it, just a bit and tbh, I was looking forward to it too.

Well, Day 6, and I have been really struggling today.

Been really busy, just sold our car, trying to pick a new one, more test drives to do, all stressful stuff, and I've been constantly getting the pang to light up.

Of course I havent, but this has been the hardest day so far.

Talking to my Bro and his missus who have both given up within the last 3 years, they say the first month gets harder? I thought after the first 3 days that was the hardest part????

It differs from person to person. Life has a habit of throwing us some right challenges some times, and we are only human. Sometimes its made to seem like its harder, when its not, its just u make a mistake of listening to the demons a bit :)

Hi Paul :D

Well done on day 6 sorry it was hard for you but those hard days get fewer and the good one increase

How hard ot is differs from person to person as Jase says so just hang in there it does get eaier Promise


Marg xxxxxxxxxx

Thanks for the support.

Day 7 was a lot easier. See you over in week 2 :-)

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