Day 4 Eric and Fish!!!

Hi All,

Day 4 today guys,

you ready for one of the easier days?

yesterday was hard for me when i got in from work, i was desperate, but thankfully the wife was in a good mood and gave me a back massage! Relaxing!

Today im not so bad, beginning to cough a little more, i think that i am coughing all the rubbish up!!

no cravings, i feel good!!

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  • Good for you Willy!

    I wondered how you had got on after your last post.

    Glad to see you back;)

  • Thanks guys!

    Im glad i came across this forum, otherwise it would of been a lot harder to quit!

    all of you have been so great!

  • hehe takes a bow :D

    Careful, the knickers will fall off your head! :D

    Congrats on day 4 everyone, hope it's a good one. :)

  • really wanted to smoke last night but didnt let nasty nic beat me!

    Thats because you were to busy whoring yourself out to the ladies on the board last night - I saw you!!!!:eek:


  • my day 4 is nearly up!

    finishes at 04.07pm,

    rather easy today!!

    eating lots of crisps and cheese today!!


  • Crisps, cheese and back rubs - life doesn't get any better than that!!!;)

  • only if i had all 3 at the same time!

    nah im stuck at work, eating free samples of cheese!

    im definitely going to get fat now ive quit smoking,

    looks like i need to start playing football again!!


  • nah im stuck at work, eating free samples of cheese!

    Wow, swap jobs??

  • hiiiiiii! im here, just been a busy girl at college, not had any time to log onto the forums today. congrats willy and eric on day 4 am so proud of yous both :D looks like im moving in too so make some space :P

  • Well done fish!

    Glad to see you live to fight another day!

  • yeah, ya cant get rid of me that easy

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