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Day 4 - uncharted territory


Hey hey, the morning of day 4 it is (a little Joda for ya there).

Still feeling really positive and up for this. I had to drive for 6 hours yeterday to pick my son up from a school trip becasue he was unbelievably homesick. Normally that would have meant at least 4 stops for cigs but instead we wound the windows down, breathed in the fresh air and loved the journey. I was chuffing chuffed how that all went. He said to me along the way "dad, you're being different" i said " i? in what way" he replies " you just seem happier thats all". Nice.

I have to say though, amidst all this boundles positivity, I am wondering when the cloud of doom will descend upon me and make my life hell. I have a few "moments" but nothing I cant handle. I feel like i have to look over my shoulder to see where the smoking reaper is? is he coming? yikes? help me scooby doo!? It worries me that I have a weekend coming up where i normally like nothing more than to kick back with a beer. Can i resist? Its my sons birthday Saturday so cant have a beer then anyway. I think is shall abstain until i feel much stronger.

Symptoms - well, my gums are starting to ache a little; my throat feels like its got something stuck in it - like its narrowing?; tired all of the time;

I am not giving this thing up. KOKO - keep on keeping off.

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You sound very strong and resolute Magic. Don't worry about the reaper. I'd say you're ready to kick his butt into touch.

Even Magic Junior has noticed how much nicer you are away from the fags. Never forget that if any quitter's doubt creeps in.

You *can* do this!!


Wow - what a wonderful uplifting post. I would be where you are now if i hadn't of had a sneaky fag last night. I am sooooo kicking myself.

Well done, and give yourself a massive pat on the back.

You sound so determined and up beat:) it's lovely.

Hold those thoughts if a dark moment comes, Magic. You are doing great. You've got rid of the nicotine now. Your body is doing its bit to repair itself. I had the aching teeth, sore gums for a few days, but that's sorted itself now.

Keep on keeping off.x

Ahoy there! Uncharted territory! How bloody exciting. Weigh anchor........ splice the mainbrace....steer a steady course..............get a man up in the crows nest........and take her to sea me hearty. There may be some choppy waters ahead....but ooooh arrrrrrrh.....I see that there's a good ship you're steering. You'll round cape horn in 'er yet. :)

ha ha..... i'll have what Dippy's having please....

Hey Magic - fab news! And I'm still there with you!! I feel loads stronger today. I am even begi ning to think what was so good about smoking anyway. Surely it was never good enough to justify the cost, the damage to my health and the smelly clothes?

Stick with it Magic - we'll kick day 5 into touch then we are well on the way to doing a whole week. We'll deal with the weekend when its here. One day at a time!

Thanks everyone and yes jerrylee, we will take this a day at a time. Cheers.

Thanks everyone and yes jerrylee, we will take this a day at a time. Cheers.

Great attitude - means you can ignore your earlier comment asking when the cloud of doom will arrive. Hasn't been today has it?

A friend once told me that if I stand with one foot in yesterday and the other in tomorrow I'll p**s all over today. She was a wise and very funny lady.

Good on you Magic and keep it up.

Thanks York. Appreciate it.

How the hell did I become a senior member!? That can't be right....

Lots of posts will do that Magic, lots of posts meaning lots of support for others, well done you and well done on 4 days.....:cool:

What a 'magic' post. Sooooooooo pleased for you you bloody well deserve to be happy. Well done!:D

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