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Aaaaahhhccchhh!!! day 4


well that was day 4!! Oouch!!:eek: althought the last few days have been tough the fact that i had broke routine was certainly helping no afterwork pub visits, no drinking alchol, orange juice and water instead of coffee ect and have also put no undue pressure on my self by telling anybody i am attempting to quit (wont look bad if i dont make it!) but found today really difficult, pulled over in local petrol station to fill up van and found myself raiding the fruit pastel shelf and am really noticing the fact i seem to be eating a lot more chocolate sweets but am hoping the fact i not drinking the usuall 5/6 pints a night will compansate.

had to finish work early today as this afternoon i just could not think straight it was like one constant 4 hr craving:mad: ive locked myself away with the computer but am even getting agrivated with the goldfish:p no seriously i do feel that i could have a arguement with anybody about anything..

although i have got this far cold turkey and still have every intention of quitting i would like to know if there is anythink that could make this journey smoother? nicotene gum or patches.

i realise it was never going to be easy after smoking 30 a day for twenty years plus but any signs of it getting easier would be of comfort it just feels every day gets worst

ps and no fruit pastells left in ten mile radius!!!!

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Hiya H&C

I was smoking about 30 a day too and have been using patches and lozenges. They hel p but the certainly dont give you a free pass, I have had days where I would kill for a smoke! The lozenges do help with this as they give you a quick fix when the craving is strongest.

This method isnt for everyone but I would suggest a visit to the help2quit clinic and see what the nurse has to advice you.


Hi hotandcold, and welcome to the forum.

Congrats on going cold turkey, I don't think I could have done that. But in saying that, now that you are into Day 4, I don't think there is any point in you using any NRT products as by now all the nicotine has left your body, so if you start putting it back in again by using gum, patches or whatnot, you will be re-feeding the nicotine addiction and will probably end up smoking again, see what I mean?? I am on Champix and nearing the end of my fourth week of not smoking, but I still have the worry of what will happen to me when I come off the Champix. I wish now that I could have gone cold turkey. So if you can, try and re-educate your brain and think to yourself ' wow, isn't it great that I am no longer addicted to nicotine and don't need to smoke', those kind of thoughts. If you can read Allen Carr's The Easyway as it is helpful and teaches us how to think. And be proud of yourself because you are not smoking. And most of all, enjoy your quit:D You are not depriving yourself of anything apart from lung cancer, heart attacks, strokes and gangrene, you are gaining good health, longevity and the lack of a lot of pain. It really does get easier honest!!

So take care of yourself, and post on here often cos it really does help!!


Hello HotAndCold

You've done really well to get here. The experts say by day 4 there should be no nicotine in your body so all your cravings are psychological.

Does that help?? Of course not...because the mind is so powerful

I've quit for 10 days using Champix (and this forum). It certainly takes the edge of physical craving, but there's still the mind to contend with.

It blocks the nicotine receptors in your brain and also stimulates them so you don't feel so agitated!

BUT I suppose now you're stopped you couldn't take I don't know. I don't want to give you the wrong information.

Have you a stop smoking nurse you can see?

I've also read Allen Carrs "Easyway to Stop Smoking" and listened to Paul Mackenna hypnosis cd. Allen Carr really makes you look at smoking in a different way.

They have both helped, even if just for distraction!!

I wish you LOADs of luck.

And remember there's always fantastic support/information/inspiration on this forum.


Hello Hotandcold

Well done on getting this far.

I was using the inhalator once I came off the patches early which really helped with cravings. I definitely recommend this if you just want some 'over the counter' help. I weaned myself off it unintentionally after a couple of days and now only carry it around with me in case I get a sudden and unexpected crave ...... very comforting and reassuring.

Good luck. :D


I would search this forum for links to joels library and we quit and other great stuff that contains the info u need for cold turkey . unfortunately iv forgotten how to insert links into my posts [anyone know how]. i would personally not use nrt now u dont need it .u need support to carry on your quit its all psychological now and habit and smoking associations u need to break those associations one by one wether u use nrt or not.

All the best. Mash

thank you

:) I would like to say a big thank you for all tips and advice the fact that others members have been through the same pain and are managing to overcome is of great comfort :)

unfortunately i never planned to quit smoking just ran out of cigarettes and didnt buy any more!! so have had no time to plan as advised on lots of web sites, no contact with any smoking nurses or any literature or hypnosis tapes.

probably why i am finding refuge in this forum:confused:

Have a look at this..

It's EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for stopping smoking. You may be sceptical (I am) but there could be something in it or again its another good distraction.

You could probably download Paul Mackenna as an MP3.

Again well done. Cold turkey...Impressive!

Keep CAN do it.



As a cold turky quitter i have the best news for you!!!

Your are through the WORST of the nicotine withdrawls taking ANY form of NRT or any form of Nicotine is just going to put you back in withdrawl, and thats the last thing you want or need LOL.

Day 4 was very very hard for me as well! but it gets better :)

Read this, they realy helped me :)

Cold Turkey




Stay Strong

Good effort!

Seriously. After 4 days, you're over the worst. Now the thing to get over is the mental bits. One thing that helped me rationalise after a week was

"If I smoke now, the only thing I'm doing is putting nicotine back in my body, and that's going to mean I'm addicted again"

good luck!

Day 4

Hello H&C, Well done and I know just how you feel as I am on Day 4 you reackon we should take up Boxing? ha ha ? Dont worry we can get through it if everyone else has.. its not so bad its nearly dark so we can go to bed! |Good Luck :)

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