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4 years today

Wow this year has gone quickly and flawlessly and i have hardly thought of smoking, i didnt get here quite so easily in the beginning, lots of tears, tantrums, walking endless miles but as the days, then weeks, then months passed it got easier and easier and then years started to slip by.

It is by far the best decision i ever made i dont for a second regret it, i no longer miss smoking at all, the walking i used as my coping method at the beginning still remains my coping method now, if i am stressed i will automatically have an overbearing urge to walk my troubles away and dont even consider or think about smoking, i think i replaced my cravings with walking and re mapped my brain some how.

I feel after endless reading and educating myself i understand the smoking brain almost fully now and the mind games we play with ourselves.

As i celebrate my 4 years i always keep it at the forfront of my mind so i never get complacant, not in a think about it all the time kinda way but more remind myself at times the control it had over me, one example seeing the shoppers dive out the supermarket and spark up, or the poor souls hiding around dark corners in the rain and wind just to get there fix.i will never forget i was one of them but i choose not to going back to being one of them.

stay strong everyone and happy new year


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Hi Boo! Great that you are now at the 4 yr mile stone, great stuff.


Thanks for sharing, 4 years amazing


Well done and thanks for sharing, I am using walking as a fab tool too xx


then years started to slip by.

And I bet that this time 4 years ago you could never have imagined that would be possible :).

Thanks Boo- it really is an inspiration when 'old boys' (and girls) pop in to say hello and to share their milestones. Many comgratulations to you and may 2015 be a blinder of a year. :D


Great to hear you're still going strong Boo!


I will be following your example and not become complacent. I think I'm one of those people who'll have to keep it in front of me for awhile to truly succeed.


Many congratulations Boo. Four years is a fantastic achievement.


Lovely of you to come back and inspire us

Congratulations x


Thankyou Guys and Gals for all your lovely comments.

I never at the beginning could imagine being a four year quitter that only ever has the odd fleeting thought about smoking, Never, never, never did i think that me the complete nicotine addict, almost chain smoking, couldnt encounter a single emotion or event without my trusty roll up, how could i ever be that 4 year quitter that i envied and wished i could be, but i did it and if i can anyone can, i know thats a cliche sentence but i mean it with every bone in my body.



Hiya Boo, great to see your post, I am still celebrating as well. Great to see one of the 2011 new year quitters still doing great :-)


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