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Exactly 1 year today!


I am 20 years old. I was a smoker for 4 years. On 27 April 2013 I decided to quit. No pills, no methods, only me and my will. I was alone in a foreign country, so it was hard, but I guess it was worth it. One year later, without having smoked a single fag, I feel a healthier person. I can't tell you how happy and proud of myself I feel.

There are only two small issues. First, I have gained 20 kilograms, which I still can't get rid of and continue to eat a lot, and second, I feel I have some studying and remembering issues since I stopped smoking, which probably is only in my head and is not related to this. I really have to deal with both of these issues, but I guess I can make it.

I just wanted to share this with you guys. I want to thank all the people who supported me on this forum through my journey and the numerous failed attempts before I could make it. I also want to thank my girlfriend, who always stood next to me and also stopped smoking the same way I did. I really appreciate your help and hope that other smokers will also find the will and the support here to get rid of this terrible habit. Good luck!

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Thanks for posting, great inspiration. To othere.

Well done:(:(:( great achievement.:cool:

Congratulations on your 1 year quit :)

Well done on your non-smoking anniversary, an inspiring post (:

Congratulations on your one year quit. I am full of admiration for everyone who makes it to a year and I hope to be able to say the same !

Congrats and welcome to the Penthouse!!!!

Very well done to you :)

Fantastic, Avenger, what an achievement! :D

Huge congratulations from me. I bet the view is fantastic isn't it?

Don't you go worrying about the weight gain. If you can reach the Penthouse you can do anything, so you can tackle the weight issue when you feel good and ready to.

Well done mate! :)

Wow, so many positive comments on my quit! This really makes me happy. I wish all of you who are trying to stop, reach the Penthouse and even further! As for the weight issue, for me it is a little bit of a problem, because....well, I will be honest. I am 20 years old and weight...95 kg. This is too much for my age and if I reach the 100...I will get really depressed. I don't know why even after a year I still continue to eat a lot. Any recommendations of how to get rid of at least 10 kilos? My main issue is the belly I have developed, as well as my legs.. they are getting fatter and I constantly have to change jeans to a larger size lol!

Hi Avenger,

Why not join us forum dieters? :) See Jenny's 'weekly weigh-in' thread (and there are some other threads with weight loss tips too).

To be honest, there is no 'magic' formula for losing weight (more's the pity). Improve your diet, cut down on fats, sugars and portion sizes, substitute high calorie options for a low calorie version wherever possible, fill up with fresh fruit and vegetables (a big bag of crudities in the fridge is a help I find), drink loads of water, cut out sugary drinks and alcohol, get as much exercise as you can (find something you really enjoy doing). Make sure you include the occasional treat so that you don't feel deprived. Do all that, and the weight will come off I promise (I've lost nearly 3 stone so am living proof that you can quit and diet :)).

Just tell yourself that having quit the weed, you really can do anything. :D


Many congratulations on reaching the one year mile stone. Keep going with your journey, it is worth it.

I am a few months behind you and have also but on several kgs, but am told that after the year it is easier to deal with, so celebrate today and then start eating healthier tomorrow :)

Best wishes Margie

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