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My stats at 4 months today!

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Hey all,

I haven't gone into my facebook quitometer stats in weeks and clicked into it there this evening to surprisingly see I am now exactly 4 months smoke free, as the months pass by, I no longer keep count and after the first month time has just flown by, so all newbies, hang in there, it is so worth it!

I am thrilled I have come this far. I am not seeing the full health benefits yet but I am putting that down to the winter weather and bugs and viruses going around and can't wait for Spring / Summer to come to get out and should start feeling alot healthier then.

I booked a city break away in the Summer today(with the money I am saving not smoking) and for the first time in 10 years, it felt amazing not to have to worry about a non-smoking hotel and how I was going to smoke, practically hanging out the bedroom window for a quick puff, hiding butts, trying to get rid of the smell of smoke, interrupting our sightseeing for a smoke break, gasping for a smoke in the airport, on the flight and so on.

Wishing all the new year quitters every success and look forward to reading your stats!

Hello ! You haven't smoked since 17th September, 2015

You've reduced your risk of suffering from chronic bronchitis.

You have quit smoking for: 16 weeks, 0 days, 13 hours and 59 mins.

You have saved: 1,407.29 Euros by NOT smoking 2,815 cigarettes!

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Congratulations!!!! .... Wonderful stats :)

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to

Thanks mmaya, hope you are good! Well done and congratulations to you too reaching the 4 months....

All good here buddy, I'm free :)

The website sent me an award for 4 months alright, I'm still not in the mood for celebrating.

As far as I keep thinking about fags I won't celebrate being a quitter....although my approach is probably very wrong in many ways.

I'm good overall, I still think about the cigarettes, I do not want to smoke.

I don't have any cravings at all.

As I thought, I found myself thinking a lot more abt the fags when I'm in the forum that's why I've been avoiding spending too much time here, which again is wrong approach because we have so many newbies and we should all be helping them out.

For any of the newbies... Sorry for my lack of support.

Rowens I promise, if I get through the 6 months I'll start celebrating big time!!!!! With fireworks and all the rest :)

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to

Stay strong mmaya, you have come so far and we will hit the 6 months in no time, only 8 weeks away!

Congrats rowens, very well done! Smart idea to book a city trip in the summer. Be proud of yourself!

Congratulations that's brilliant! Hope t get there too.

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to nsd_user663_64578

You will Jimbo, once you get your first month over you, the time flies by!

Thank you. Just having a bad day today but I'm getting through it and will remember how it feels to go through tough cravings like this. It'll only make me stronger.

Jimbo.... I don't call myself serial quitter for no reason, I've failed too many times.

So take it from me, if I can do it you can too :)

Stay focused and never put your guards down.

You're at the beginning and I wouldn't go back there for any reason, it's a horrible process.

Just stay strong, it's a huge improvement even after 10 days.

It does get much better.

I don't have to fight every minute against that craving, in fact... I haven't had any cravings I'm ages.

I got relief from day 47.

But it was easy enough from day 21. It takes 21 days to break a habit.

You can do this! In fact you are the only one that can do this ;)

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Just got some more stats there from Quitza which is interesting on how your body heals and a great motivation to keep going to get the smoking related illnesses down, gained 21 days extra life!!

Rowens08 Full Progress Report


Since rowens08 Quit Smoking

Cravings Phase Progress 100%

Heart Rate Recovery 100%

Blood Pressure Recovery 100%

Carbon Monoxide Removal 100%

Nicotine Removal 100%

Circulation Recovery 100%

Amount Of Smoking Related Deaths Since Rowens08 Quit


Amount Of Cigarettes Rowens08 Has Resisted


Estimated Amount Rowens08Spent On Smoking In Total


Amount Rowens08 Has Saved By Quitting Smoking


Extra Life Expectancy Rowens08 Can Expect On Average

21 Days, 16 Hours, 0 Minutes

Heart Attack Risk 98%

Heart Disease Risk 98%

Stroke Risk 94%

Throat Cancer Risk 97%

Lung Cancer Risk 98%

Thank you mmaya! I know I can do it and I am determined- just having a tough day that's all. Telling myself that if I can get through a morning this tough then I can get through anything!!

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NozmoValued Contributor

Congratulations rowens, fantastic achievement, especially over the festive season! Wish I could say I'm not far behind you again but I had a MAJOR relapse over Christmas and smoked packs of cigarillos like they were going out of fashion...which they are, come to think of it.

Back on the wagon now that I'm back to work and haven't had one since Sunday. Here we go again...quit number 5..or 6...or whatever it is!

Anyway, I'm very glad to hear you're still going strong.

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Nozmo

Thanks Nozmo, sorry to read that but you are back now. Wishing you every success this time and with the new year start fresh, focused and determined as you have ever been and smoke free for your new start/job you will be starting (if still happening?).

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NozmoValued Contributor in reply to Nozmo

Thanks very much.

No, the Norway job is off now and I'm back where I used to work! Long story. The short version is money and schools made it a no-go and my old employer took me back a week after I handed my notice in. It was a funny old end to 2015!

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Nozmo

Ah well, everything happens for a reason, you still have the new year as a motivator and almost have a week over you now. you know what you have to do, wishing you strength, focus and determination, this is going to be your quit....

in reply to Nozmo

Nozmo... Everything happens for a reason, you might not be able to understand it now...but you will.

Relapses...they're just little pebbles on tge footpath, you might have tripped, get up and go again.

Well done in getting back on the horse.

Remember you can do this!

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NozmoValued Contributor in reply to Nozmo

Hiya mmaya, hope you're doing well?

I'm not too down about not moving. I didn't go looking for it and I like my current job so it's no big deal. It was very stressful at the time (as you know!) but it's over now so I'm relaxed and can get on with trying not to smoke.Thanks for looking out for me!

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You will have bad days but as time goes by they will become less and less. Everyones quit is unique to them and can have different feelings and experiences at different stages, just take each day as it comes, you are doing great!

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HercuValued Contributor

Rowens... I am sorry I am a week late on this but a very huge congrats on your achievement an wonderful stats....Love your new Avitar ... you have been such a good listener and supporter and I thank you so much for that....It becomes so much easier when you starts to enjoy the quit and the daily rediscovery....Love this smoke free life !!

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Thank you Hercu for the lovely compliment, really appreciate it :)

My profile picture is a picture I took last summer at Carramore Beach, Louisburgh in County Mayo here in Ireland. It was the most gorgeous day and really showed the beauty of Ireland (it really is stunning in fine weather!)

Bit of a background for you, the mountain in the background is Croagh Patrick (aka Holy Mountain - 764 metres (2,507 ft) ). It is renowned for its pilgrimage in honour of Saint Patrick, Ireland's patron saint. It was on the summit of the mountain that Saint Patrick fasted for forty days in 441 AD and the custom has been faithfully handed down from generation to generation. Pilgrims climb up and down the mountain in their bare feet!

It is on my wish list to do it this year during the summer - should be well able for it now I am smoke free!

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HercuValued Contributor in reply to RoisinO1

Lovely and thank you....It looks like the Cape province mountains in South Africa...Just much higher..Stunning !!!

Go for that climb could be a lifetime experience !!!

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to RoisinO1

Will do Hercu! Can't wait for spring / summer to come and can start preparing for it and get my fitness levels up for it...

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PS Hercu, I was meant to say that you too give huge support and I will cherish all the advice you have provided on here.

Funnily enough yesterday, I was doing a clear out/tidy up of my desk at work and took down your great words of wisdom below I printed off and stuck to my computer as I felt I have come along way from then at Day 21 but it really did help me get through the bad days. I almost know it off by heart I read it that often! Thank you!

"Weeks 3 and 4 was the discovery of my weaknesses. The terrible idea to cope with life and the curve balls on my own. Now I realized that life is a reality and not a false euphoria of happiness where I can light a cigarette and every thing is OK......"

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HercuValued Contributor in reply to RoisinO1

Wow...Thanks....Yes really.... that was straight out of the heart and the true realization of what to face in the near future... And you know what Rowens...? I have never looked back since then....I (we) have came to our senses and saw that lighting up a cigarette is not the Alpha and Omega to cope with our daily life's and problems...We can do it on our own (some small prayers)..... We are in control and make our own happiness......!

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to RoisinO1

So true Hercu!

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Well if I didn't have a cigarette in the last half hour I never will after the horrendous stressful journey home from work.

We had our first heavy snowfall this afternoon (unfortunately Ireland doesn't do snow and the country comes to a stand still when a couple of centimetres falls!) After being bumper to bumper driving at 5 miles an hour on the motorway, got on my road home, I have to drive up 3 hills to get to my house and thought it would be great idea to drive up rather than leave the car at the bottom of the hill as I got 4 new tyres last week, oh sweet jesus, first 2 hills were ok but the third, by some miracle I made it up but probably blew out the exhaust,

I was shaking like a leaf when I got in through the front door and if there was a cigarette at hand I would have smoked it, thankfully I settled for a hot whiskey to warm me up, definitely a night in front of the fire..... must be pants day in Ireland! are you good now Rowens? I cant wait for the day to be over.

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to

I'm grand mmaya, not a bother, actually had a great day today, I was presented with an reward and recognition award at work (€500 All in one Gift voucher),

I just made a really silly mistake of tackling that hill, and thinking about it after there feel proud I got up it! There would have no way I would have smoked as would have had a 20 minute walk in the snow to the shop to get one!

Hope things have settled down for you...

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kinda....not feelin my best today.

it all started with me skating down in my butt at 6 am, i wasnt expecting the ice outside the house ....very painful!

...after that, it just didnt stop, its really a bad day.

congratulations on your award :) we defo dont work for the same employer, these cheap ones that employ me wouldnt even pay for a breakfast roll lol

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to

Thanks mmaya, ah everyone has those bad days, tomorrows a new day and its Friday, reckin its going to be a snow day weekend, forecast isn't great for the north west of the country anyway, will need to stock up on comfort food!

in reply to

I hope we don't actually get snow, I have a guy delivering my new piano on Saturday.... my very own Christmas present :) if it gets cancelled because of the snow I'll get very mad lol

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to

Has been snowing here very heavy for the last couple of hours and starting to drift, love looking at snow but hate have to travel in it! Think it will be gone by tomorrow evening but suppose to be up to -4 freezing temperatures tomorrow night. Nice purchase with the piano!

I'm in the south, no signs of snow yet but I tried to go out to the shop for milk and I'm pretty much trapped in the estate, the road is like an ice ring.

The piano was my biggest motivation to stay off the fags, got a yamaha u3 classic from 1971!

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NozmoValued Contributor in reply to

I like the sound of that! (no pun intended)

Have you just got it? Are you any good mmaya? I play the guitar myself but can plonk out a few bad chords on the piano. Wish I could play properly but I don't have the independent left and right hands to be of much use at it.

We should form a band.

in reply to

Nozmo I suck at it but my daughter is really good, that's why I wanted the classic, she has a huge talent for the piano.

I'm not a great player but I can entertain a crowd for an hour or so lol

I love the sound of acoustic piano, I could listen to it all day long...

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NozmoValued Contributor in reply to

Yeah, I'm with you there. Piano sounds great - lends a feeling to a song that no other instrument can do. Keep it up!

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It is some skill to play the piano, I am into trad irish music and play sessions occasionally - the accordion and tin whislte, had a great session Christmas eve in our local.

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NozmoValued Contributor in reply to RoisinO1

There you go; guitar, piano, accordion and tin whistle - we could definitely form a band! We'll call ourselves The Quitters :-)

in reply to RoisinO1

I love the accordion, and I really...but really Love the violin ! I actually start crying when someone is playing near me.

Rowens, I think all Irish are very musical...., it's in your genes.

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Very good Nozmo, love the band name! Thanks mmaya, wouldn't say I am very musical and don't play as often as I used to in my teenage years but find it very therapeutic playing...

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