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It's Official: Two Years Today

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Hey everyone,

I didn't think I'd be near a computer today, so I actually posted something about this a few days ago, but today it's official: it's been exactly two years since I quit smoking and I haven't had even one little puff since then.

My stats you ask?

Well, I haven't smoked 14,618 cigarettes since then, and I haven't spent $4,049.06 US on them either.

I remember the amazing coincidence two years ago yesterday, when I made the independent decision to quit smoking, came on line looking for a support group, and discovered that 3/14/12 was No Smoking Day. That was what I needed - a Sign from the Universe!

So I joined this site, smoked my last couple of cigarettes on the 13th (just before midnight!), and went Cold Turkey.

I've described my journey elsewhere, and recognize it today as one of the toughest things I've done - and something I'm immensely proud of having done.

Congrats to ALL of YOU who have given up smoking. Don't think about what you've given up - think about what you've gained. Self Respect. Health. Money. The list is almost endless.

Think (briefly) of what you're leaving behind. Stink. Coughing. Standing in the rain to smoke. Guilt. Shame. Blah, blah, blah.

When you compare the two lists, it's easy to remember why you've quit - even if you're in the midst of some horrible crave. Hang in there! I've said it many, many times - If I can do it, you can do it!

And now, I have a fantastic room at the Penthouse, lifetime privileges on the greens, free cocktails, not to mention the free breakfast buffet every morning. Oh yeah - and free WiFi.

Come join me! Stick with your quit and all this will be yours. :)

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Well firstly THANKYOU for such great post happy reading.

And well done you have proven this can be achieved.

Congratulations to a great quit:)

Congratulations!! Inspirational to an early stage quitter like me. I can visualise myself being where you are in 2 years.

Thanks and keep on keepin on smoke free!!


Congratulations on hitting the 2 year mark. Looking forward to meeting you in the penthouse. It's the breakfasts for me not the cocktails.

I love grazing for 3 hours in a buffet breakfast in a nice hotel. It's going to be even better next time I do it as

It will be paid for by smoking money so it will be free.

I won't have to nip out for a smoke

See you in 291 days.:D

What a wonderful and inspiring post! :)

Thanks DGee, and many congratulations. :D

Well done DG looks like you've nailed it.



And thankyou for taking the time to write such a happy post:)

Been a bit down of late but your post made me smile and made me realise all this is worth it:):):)

Congratulations DGee....2 years is fantastic :)

Brilliant post Dgee, congratulations on your 2 year milestone :D x

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Thank you all for your kind and warm responses. You know, from the vantage point of two years out, on one level the act of quitting smoking seems a long, long time ago. Just a blip way back when.

But on the other hand, it seems like a couple of weeks ago. I remember vividly the battle between my resolve and my status quo. I remember how much it felt like I was saying goodbye to an old friend who'd been with me through thick and thin.

Then I remember realizing that this old friend had sabotaged me at every turn, had cost me a small fortune, had robbed my self esteem and had made me doubt my own worth.

Some friend!

Quitting smoking didn't solve all my other problems in life, by the way, as I (secretly) hoped it would. BUT: it did help me see that I can solve those problems, one by one, WITHOUT the aid of nicotine. And that was huge.

A simple switch from nicotine to crack cocaine was all it took! :D

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Awesome DGee! (the quit not the crack:P) And it just keeps getting better :cool:

Well done DGee, welcome to the 2 year club. I joined January 1.

Massive HELL YEA!!! You have earned it. I even have my boyfriend quit!!! He is 2 months smoke free. It can be done if you believe and stick with it.

Glad to see you are taking full advantage of the Penthouse. I find myself too busy to enjoy.

I do a lot of fundraising and volunteering for the American Cancer Society. Our Relay for life is in July. I started a team this year and they made me Captain. It is a lot of fun but also a lot of work. But I help create and give back 400 birthdays every day. That is how many we save by fundraising. And the volunteering. It is just so rewarding. To take a Cancer patient and have the honor of helping them keep the Dr. appointments is just so gratifying. And they appreciate it.

So, each person who quits smoking lowers their risk of getting Cancer and maybe one day soon I will no longer be needed to fundraise and walk and assist patients. Then I can join you on the golf course( hope some one will give me lessons) or challenge you to a game of pool. I used to shot a pretty straight stick back in the day...LOL

So DGee, look how you have helped lower your risk. Plus you don't smell like old cigarettes anymore and you don't stand out in the rain smoking and catching cold. Keep up the very good work....ppat

Brilliant, well done to you :D

Congratulations - here's to many more!

Well done Dgee

I am so pleased and happy to read this. I know that you had your struggles in the early days Dgee but you have stuck with it and here you are 2 years quit, how fantastic is that? Brilliant, that is what it is just brilliant!:):):) I cant stop smiling.:):):)

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You know, I have to admit it. One of the best parts of succeeding in this quit has been getting all the love and positive strokes from people on this site.

And you don't have to wait two years to get it!

Each milestone we make - EVERY SINGLE ONE - is special and praiseworthy and important. Whether you've just completed your first DAY, or your first WEEK, or your first MONTH, or anything else, you've done something vital and important and difficult and news-worthy.

I love getting acknowledged for my hard work, and I bet you all do too. Here's to all the success stories on this site. Keep it up!

Inspirational post there DGee, posts like these are what is really driving me on because I know that if I just take it day by day then they turn into weeks then months then years and then maybe I and others on this site can be where your at DGee.. 2 years which is just fantastic..dreamland!

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