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4 weeks today woohoo :)


Hi all, 4 weeks today & one calendar month on Tuesday :)

So happy in my quit this time, i've had some terrible things happen this month in my family life but still haven't caved in - think i've got to the point mentally where I know that smoking won't take away any of my problems or make me feel better... I'm so grateful to everyone on this forum for being so supportive to me & never judging me when I relapsed in May - thank you :)

Here's to month 2 & to all the June quitters, well done us :D

Good luck to all the new quitters, you CAN do this :)

Denise x

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I am super stoked to say that "smoking was so last month"! Congrats on finishing four weeks! Big milestone coming up on tuesday too! We rock! Sidebar... I will not smoke today.

I'm with you both. Had a couple of bad days but today has been great even though I moved to a lower patch. I'll see how that goes for a couple of days and might get rid of the patches. Officially 4 weeks now. See you in Month 2 :D

Well done to all you June quitters I knew you could do it. Into month 2 that is brill! I love that comment Viking "smoking is so last month":)

Denise, Vike and Una so pleased for you all. I think you should rename yourselves to the "June Superstars"

I feel like a superstar. To think that the day before I quit I just 'knew' I wouldn't last 10 minutes but look at me now :D

Denise, Vike and Una so pleased for you all. I think you should rename yourselves to the "June Superstars"

Thanks Aitch, I'll go with that as long as I don't have to sing! :D

So happy, even though I have quit for longer before, it never felt like this quit - I really can't imagine ever putting a vile evil stick in my mouth again so I won't :)

Here's to health, savings, oh & bigger clothes!!:D

Denise x

Well done everyone!

Day 26 completed for me. Quite amazed as well I'm still here.

Got a bit weird over the last few days but I'm not going back, oh no.

I'm not going back either Esso. I didn't expect all these different moods and never knowing what I would feel like in the morning but it will come good in the end.

Well done guys! One month is a huge achievement. Keep going, keep going. It does get easier!


One month.... crazy, I used to struggle for two hours if I was in the cinema! Well done on that to all of you and thanks too.... if you weren't doing it and posting, I'm not sure I'd be where I am! :)

Good 4 you!!!!

We start somewhere and go forth! Your doing great! Keep going!!!!

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