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Year 3 done now year 4


To anybody who still remembers me today 19th December 2012 I am celebrating 3 years quit and now moving on to year 4.

I smoked 30 fags a day and have now saved £9,824.70, but I stopped due to a slight health scare and the money really wasn't the issue but I have never felt better.

To anyone just starting their quit I wish them all the best and it just gets easier as you go.


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Thanks Danny boy, it really does help us when we read apost like that. Well done on 3 years quit:)

Congratulations on your 3 year quit,Danny.

I agree with Haze, your post is a huge incentive to those of us not so far down the quit road.

To date I've saved about £1000 with my 5 month quit....and I spent half of it today on a new combination microwave and a fab pair of Le Chameau leather boots. Boy did it feel good.:D

The rest I have spent on a Barrister's opinion in my Neighbours From Hell dispute. That did not feel so good:(

Hi Danny

It's fantastic that people like you keep popping back in to tell us how you have got on and reassure us that it gets easier and easier.

It's very much appreciated.

Congrats and Thank you.

One last thing ..... can you lend me a tenner? hehe


Cheers Danny


I echo what has been said by the others. It is valuable to read your post, inspiring, and helps me to remember that it really can be done! Thank you for posting and congratulations on a magnificent 3 years quit.



What a great positive post to be reading :) thank you for sharing

Massive achievement, gives us all inspiration, well done Danny x

nonico7 Years Smoke Free

Well done Danny Boy

Congratulations on 3 years quit - that is fantastic.:)

I think there's a song about you:roll eyes:

" Oh Danny Boy, the cigs, the cigs aren't calling"....

Thanks Danny boy, it really does help us when we read apost like that. Well done on 3 years quit:)

Thanks Haze56



Thanks so much for sharing your success, what an achievement:) If dreams come true I too shall be making a post like yours way down the line!

Fi x

Hi Danny, long time no speak, sorry it seems time has run away with my time LOL, you have been and done it before me again LOL 3 years is a great quit and I hope your feeling very proud of your self, have a great xmas and I hope that you fourth year is as good as your third, keep in touch your quit buddy still xxx

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