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4 Years Today (yes I was mad)

Happy Christmas to you all, I hope its going OK for you all and that Mr Niccodemon is keeping his distance and Santa has rewarded you with everything you have desired or wanted.

Well at 9.10 am this morning it was 4 years since I gave up the dreaded weed, have I missed it? don't know now as its second nature to be a none smoker, I suppose if I could remembered clearly which I am glad I cant,

I am sure that there were times when I must have been climbing the walls but thankfully those days are gone and hopefully will never return.

There were many on here at the time who carried me through the worst times and persuaded me that I could do it, and you know what they were right I did it, not complacent at all just very glad I was one of the lucky ones and have managed to remain smoke free.

I hate the smell of smokers now and sometimes like Saturday I had to sit next to someone who was a smoker, the smell turned my stomach and that's not a dig at any one who still smokes just my perception of how I must have been back then to my OH and none smokers.

So to all those that gave me the strength and encouragement to make it without a blip thank you so much, there are a few who must be on there 4 years now as well and well done to you too.

Have a Great Day and may 2014 be your No smoking journeys beginning with no end.

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Happy Christmas Jamangie!

Good to see you're still going strong. I celebrated my 3rd year in November.



Have a Great Day and may 2014 be your No smoking journeys beginning with no end.

Congratulations and thanks for posting!



Hello stranger :) soo good to see you

hope you are having a great christmas


and like Helen i never doubted you would still be part of the NOPE group

4 years is a great achievement


Oh my goodness :eek: Where on earth has the time gone? Huge congratulations to you my friend and here's to many more :D;)

G xx


Nice one Jamangie

Its great to be free isn't it :)


Hi Jamangie

Four years is brilliant.

I'm sooooooo glad to hear you're struggling to remember some of the really sh1t times. Those are true words of inspiration, encouragement (and hope!) for everyone on their journey.

Best wishes for 2014, and Happy Birthday to you (and me) for next Thursday.

BW, Shazza :D


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