4 years today 14th of Jan 2016

Hi all...

I thought I would call in to document my years of quitting, it's been 4 years today (14th of Jan 2016) and I am feeling great!!

Every year around the 14th of Jan I call in to document my years of quitting.I never thought I could ever live without the smokes (In the past)........ But now I never think of them, strange how things in life turn around

Thanks all,


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  • Hi Lance.... Thank you so much for returning to us and confirm that it is nice on the far side... I for one really appreciate.!!!!!!

  • Huge congratulations Lance on 4 years of freedom, that is great! Thanks for coming back and sharing :)

  • Well done Lance !

  • Hi all - it's 4 years, Jan 19 since I quit and it is one for the best things I've ever done. I hardly ever think of smoking now and life is far better without the cigarettes. :D

  • Thanks Nonico for sharing and huge congratulations, it is very encouraging reading these posts, thanks again!

  • Just one word, AMAZING, a huge well done, what a fantastic achievement.

    And massive inspiration

    THANKS for the up dates

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