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No Smoking Day
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Urgent advice needed **** please help me *****

Hi all I am a mere 4 days away from three months quit and as I have said to another forum member I am hanging on the edge of the cliff by one fingernail :(

My question is this... I have 7 mg patches and been on them for a little but but it's just not cutting it, I'll be perfectly honest I really could smoke now, I honestly could.... Now I think the best thing for me is to go to bed sharpish, I have work now until Friday and the chances of me getting some more patches before the weekend is zero..... I was thinking of putting on 2 x 7 mg for the next three days and then get some more 14mgs on the weekend?

I feel defeated and ashamed, I was intending to ditch the patches and fly solo from the 20th December when I'm off work but I'm just not strong enough, it infuriates me I don't want to be stuck on patches forever and a day, I want to benefit from my savings not spend £20 per week on patches :(

I can't get them on prescription, I wouldn't even have the audacity to ask I have used the service several times and failed miserably each time I don't deserve to get the NRT at a reduced cost, so will 2 x 7mg be ok do you think? I am being honest I can't cope with another day like the past 4, I WILL smoke if I don't get more nicotine that's shameful but the truth :( x

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Donna. There is no rush to fly solo. Your goal was to stop smoking and look at how far you have gone without smoking.

I don't know about using two patches but if it gives you the psychological boost then go for it.

Get yourself an early night but before you do get yourself on eBay and order some patches. Much cheaper than buying from supermarkets

All the best

Thanks titch, good shout I will have a quick look on ebay before bed x


Yes, bed tonight and 2 patches tomorrow. I think that perhaps some lozenges (1mg) or gum (1-2mg) to help you adjust down would be better than jumping down and risking your quit. Apart from that are you okay babe? Is there anything else we can do to help?

Yes there is... I could do with a hug and somebody to tell me everything is gonna be ok :( but seriously I am going to get some more 14mg patches I think on the weeknd and then drop down to 7 after Xmas I want to ensure I don't balls up the quit but right now it's very dodgy :(


Donna I recognise your emotions totally. I don't think it's just the patches. I think you're suffering from the ' I want to be over this cr*p syndrome' I remember it well. I felt that after 3 or 4 months I should be over all the angst and the battle with myself. I should be a happy non smoker who skips along happily. I always used to get a little twinge when moving rooms and it used to frustate me as I felt I was back where I started.

The other thing that your addict brain might be trying is the ' You may as well smoke now cos you ain't never getting over this' Please remember this is not true just like all the other lies. This need/crave will fade eventually.... No it really does ... just stick with it. The only thing a cigarette will do is make you want the next one.

Choose freedom not slavery and don't put yourself under pressure with the patches.

The time will come when this is all behind you, just keep saying NOPE and be patient with youself. You never know this might be the last big attack and after this you're free.


Donna, do whatever feels right with the patches. They are there as an aid while you do the real work and that is to get your mind in the right place. A solid quit requires solid foundations, the aim is to get to a point where you are embracing the quit as a positive thing rather than seeing it as a sacrifice.

The mantra which worked for me was "Health, Wealth & Control" that is what I sought to get out if my quit. I went for years in a spiral of seeing quitting as denying myself one of life's great pleasures, doing a few weeks of abstinence then rewarding myself with a smoke.

Once I made a concious decision to think a different way, dismissing cravings and want's became a lot more straight forward and when I came off lozenges I was surprised how manageable the chemical withdrawal was. The biggest thing was to learn how to live life as a non smoker, but that is simply a case of practice makes perfect.

Ideal reading material to help sort the thinking out can be found at whyquit.com and woofmang.com/tales

The phrase which we all drummed into each other back in the day was "Read, Read, Read" - because its good to know your enemy and knowledge is power.


Come on DONNA you CAN get through this!!! Who cares you are on patches a while longer?? At least you aren't smoking and that is way more important!!! You just do whatever it takes whether that be patches or whatever but do not smoke! Don't know you at all but you are mentoring me without realising it! Please keep hanging on.....xxx


Maintain the quit by doing what you have to Donna.

I said to you before that hard times can crop up for a good while, not always and not for everyone, but it does happen.

Eventually however, they do get less frequent, less intense and eventually disappear.

So long as you keep believing that (because it's true) you WILL make it through to the other side.

What you are experiencing is part of the normal quit cycle for many, many people. Embrace it and treat it as part of the healing process.

You can do it girl, remember, no matter what, NOPE!


Morning Donna :)

Please keep your chin up, you can do this - we're all here for you xxx


How are things today Donna? Speak to us- we're still here. Can you feel all the virtual love & hugs enveloping you? I hope you can....:)

Yes, you can do this and yes, you WILL come through this bad patch. And don't you dare feel a failure. You're a flipping star, Donna my darling, and there ain't one person on the forum who would disagree. It matters not a jot how long you continue to use the patches (or the lozenges or any other quitting aid). We're all aiming for the same destination no matter which of the many roads we follow to reach it.

Hold on, bend like a willow in the breeze (or whatever that fab Japanese expression is) and let this pass over & through you. Then it will be gone and you can start to look forward again.

Loads of love coming your way from me...:)


Hi Donna , ooooh this quitting is hard but you know you will get there by hook or crook, I know this as you want to be a none smoker, I do hope that you have got through to day, no rush on the patch just take it as it comes, may be cut the corners off, it helped me.

Just keep going, you are doing it, fantastic x


Wow, thank you all so sooo much for the lovely messages of support, I've got 2 7mg patches on and I've ordered some more 14's from ebay so they should arrive by the weekend, feeling a bit better today, the desire to smoke has gone now I have the 2 patches on but I just feel a bit down, reading your posts bought me to tears, bless you all, the forum may LOOK different but the people are the same and that's what counts, thanks you all again so much xxxxxxxx


Well done that Donna!! :)

I've been thinking of you all day- so sorry I've only just managed to catch up on my dear forum friends. One of those chasing my tail days....

I think your decision to order more patches is an excellent one Donna. As I said earlier, it really doesn't matter when you come off the patches. Whatever is right for you is the right time. So glad you're feeling a bit better today my dear girl.

May I suggest Smarties? Tea and Karen have been talking of little else and I have a terrible urge for a tube. It's got to help. :D



Sorry that was my fault for bringing it up but a large tube of those cured me lol!! X


Donna you should be proud of yourself as you just knocked flat another urge!!! It only takes one to wipe any of us out! That's one less to face xxx


Donna just do whatever it takes to keep you from smoking, patches, food or whatever. Just be strong and people on here will always be here.

Here's an Elebra just for you to cheer you up :)



Hi, Ive been the same, was an emotional wreck when changed to 7mg! Back on 15mg for a bit so I dont crack... Why dont you get them on perscription? I get 2 weeks worth for 1 perscription fee? Youre doing really well,keep going x


Hi Rachel :)

Have you thought of getting a pre-paid prescription (PPC)? I got a 3 month one for around 30 quid and it covers my Champix tablets every fortnight.


My smoking cessation nurse told me about it thankfully :)


Glad you didn't start again Donna. It might be an idea to have a couple of inhalators or pound-shop ecigs with you for when your patches run out.


How are things today Donna? I saw that you're using the e-cig again. I'm with you- whatever it takes to get you through Christmas. Are you still using the patches too?

Big hugs coming your way along with my best wishes for a pleasant (and crave-free) Sunday.... :)


Hi Donna!!

Glad that second patch helped you! There is no shame in quitting, any shape or form! You gotta do what you gotta do! And staying stopped is always the better option so well done lovely! You came out the other side and that's another battle you've won!:)

Stay strong and keep going! Go back to basics, baby steps when you need too! Every quit is different and unique, just as the quitter is. Remind yourself what brought you to the forum and what made you put out that last fag and not smoke again! :) you can do this! :D

Much hugs and love your way((())) xxx


Stay as strong as you can Donna, you can beat this no matter how many attempts.

Maybe it's time to send in super trained martial arts guy in with the smoking ban stick, y'know, he's one of the rarely seen people type that disappeared years ago and was brought up and trained at the top of a mountain by a mystery Mr Miyagi type of guy that's a legendary mystery but really exists.



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